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About Us

The MGCC Y Type Register Committee

The Y Type Register is a register of the MG Car Club.  It is run by a committee, all of whom are volunteers and are unpaid.  All members of the committee freely give of their time, and expertise with the express aim of, hopefully, assisting and helping MG Y Type owners worldwide.  Please do not be disappointed if we do not respond as quickly as you would like, however, please be assured that we are not ignoring you.


( Note . To reveal any email addresses which have been security protected please hover your mouse over the light blue dots before the @ in the truncated email displayed and left click. Then follow the instructions to obtain the full address.)


peter_vielvoye_small1-133x200Committee Member without portfolio

Peter Vielvoye.

Tel: +44 (0)1452 712441

I owned a YB back in 1966 for a couple of years and then a ZA. I have had the pleasure of my YT since 2001 and I bought back my YB in 2013.


Having fully retired in 2009 I answered the Register’s call for a new chairman and am enjoying the ride.


I also keep myself busy as a Remap Engineer and I am a Tree Warden in our village.

Granddading and Gloucester Rugby together with the house and garden more than fill up the rest of my time.


DSCF0031-200x150Secretary & Registrar:

Chris Callaghan. secr…;

  •  Been involved with MG all my life. First memory was at the age of 3 going down the social club. Many members of my family worked for MG, e.g.Uncle test driver,Father worked Morris Garages.
  • Been a member of the MG social club from 1978 to closure
  • One of the founder members of the Abingdon Works Sub Centre
  • First committee 1981
  •  MMM committee 1983
  • Owned one or more MG’s since the age of 17
  • 2001 – 2008 AWC Committee
  • 2012 onwards MG Y type Committee Secretary
  • MG Y Type Registrar

 Treasurer:  If you would like to join the committee and take on the role of treasurer, please contact any committee member.



Events & Safety Fast Scribe & PR:

Jerry Birkbeck. Tel: +44 (0)1926 424053 jerry_birkbeck_small[1]                          

Have owned 2 YA’s before acquiring a YT in 2009.


Although I always wanted a TC I have owned a TA for twelve years which is unoriginal but well used and much loved.


My other interests include fixtures secretary of a local rugby club, playing very poor tennis, acting in murder mysteries, steam and model railways and not least a close involvement with my family.

I suppose I would describe myself as a semi-retired planner and landscape architect – though increasingly more of the retired now!


neil_cairns_small1-133x200Technical Advisor :

Neil Cairns. Contact only by email please on :

Neil Cairns, Y Register Technical Advisor. Please email Neil on the new address above.

Please check that there is not another officer of the register who can deal with your question/info before you email me.


Jerry Birkbeck shown above is the Registers new Safety Fast Scribe.

I’m not the secretary! ie, contact Chris Callaghan for vehicle information, etc.


My interests other than MG Y Types are local history, full time unpaid volunteer on the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway and classic motorcycles.



Regalia Sales:

Mike & Sue Silk. +44 (0)1924 373866


We have owned our YT since 1971 when Mike bought it in Dublin while working there. Sue learnt to drive in it a few years later and it has had a few different incarnations over the years.

It is now fully restored and we usually get to all the main Y Register events each year, although fitting in some canal boating, family and home commitments means that we don’t make too many other gatherings.


Committee Member without portfolio

Peter Sharp


PS head and shoulders I had a YA in 1969, which I really liked but which eventually needed repairs
that I couldn’t afford. I donated it for spares to someone who was
rebuilding his Y type. To my shame I can’t remember either its registration
number or chassis number.
I bought my current YA in July 2006 and I have enjoyed driving it and
keeping it maintained ever since. I have organised some Y Type Autumn Runs
in Bedfordshire and last year a trip to the Loire Valley.
I’m still working and my favourite leisure activity is a long meal with all
the family round the table eating, drinking, talking and laughing.



Maggie and Paul Grafham

awaiting information