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19th April 2017 – Y Type Register agm, on 6th may

The Y Type Register AGM takes place on Saturday 6th May 2017, at 16:30 at the Elcot Park Hotel, Newbury RG20 2NJ.


The Agenda for the 2017 AGM is as follows:

  • Present
  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of the 25th AGM
  • Matters arising from the 25th AGM
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Technical Report
  • Safety Fast/PR Report
  • Events Report
  • Regalia Report
  • Election of Chairman
  • Election of Secretary
  • Election of Treasurer
  • Election of Committee
  • Appointment of Accounts reviewer
  • AOB

The Y Register committee is looking for a New Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Any member is welcome to stand for election, and the nomination form is available here, and should be completed with the details of proposer and seconder and emailed to the address at the foot of the form.


The AGM is followed by a dinner, and  the Spring Run then takes place on the Sunday. Full details on the Spring Run and the arrangements for the AGM, dinner and accommodation can be found here.

3rd April 2017 – MG Era day Sunday 2nd April


Even more than expected, 24 Ys turned up to celebrate our 70th Anniversary at Brooklands MG Era Day. A warm sunny day helped to make it a very enjoyable event with our impressive line of Ys steeling the show. Some new faces were signed up for the Round Britain Relay which was well promoted with its own under gazebo display.

If you were there and took some photos please send them in to Neil and myself for posting on the website and Facebook. You can read Neil’s full report here. Peter


24th march 2017 – Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance sponsors the round britain relay

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance is sponsoring the Club’s premier event for the Y Type’s 70th year the Round Britain Relay, which starts 3rd June. Managing Director, Peter James, said: “MG is a marque that is particularly close to our hearts so we are delighted to be involved in the celebrations to mark the rare Y Type’s 70th birthday.”

21st March 2017 – No Microchips Here

Neil has posted an amusing insight to our cars 

No Microchips Here

Many people admire the little MG ‘Y Type’ saloon these days, often one will meet a few looking the car over when left parked up and the resulting conversation delays everyone! Its nice they are interested, but few realise just what a 70 year old car does NOT have. Here is a list of the things the MG ‘One and a Quarter Liter Sports Saloon’ is missing compared to a 2017 car;-

14th March 2017 – MG ERa day brooklands

Sunday April 2nd

We now have four YAs, five YTs and eight YBs signed up and hoping to make it to the show. We have 20 parking places reserved in the museum area so it’s not too late to join us. The deadline for discounted tickets is March 22nd. Contact Jerry for details, you can click here for a PDF of his full joining instructions: MG_ERA_Details.

13th march 2017 – MGYB for sale, first reg 4 may 1953

For sale, MGYB  registered 4 May 1953. Maroon with beige interior. Family owned since 1967. Last used 1987/8 then dismantled for a restoration project and has been dry stored since in Cambridgeshire. See Parts for Sale and Wanted.











13th march 2017 – MGCC SHOP re-opens

The MGCC shop has just re-opened with a wide range of merchandise. Y owners will be interested in the tin of travel sweets that has a picture of an early Y being assembled at Abingdon. The MG Top Trumps also includes a YB, our old friend Little Gem. See











10th March 2017 – Q&A about front springs


New Q&A about front springs 










26th February 2017 – Q&A about YB/TD gearbox


New Q&A about YB TD gearbox.


18th February 2017 – yb added to owners’ gallery

Iain Crowther’s YB, which he bought from his father, has been added to the Owners’ Gallery pages.

11th February 2017 – New resource for Y owners

Y Reg Questions & Answers recorded on our Technical Information Page

Neil Cairns is our MGCC Y Register Technical Advisor, he is also on the Technical Advice and Support Panel of the Octagon Car Club specialising in Y Types and receives a wide range of question from Y owners. You can now view past Q&As on our Technical Information Page.

2nd January 2017 – Solitary Y Type at Stony Stratford

The wet weather and cold kept hundreds away from the Stony Stratford New Years Day Meet and numbers were down by over half but there were an estimated 400 who made it , among them Jo and Jerry Birkbeck  in their immaculate red YT. Neil Cairns made it in his vintage AJS motorcycle combination which sports a wicker sidecar.
























31st december 2016 – mg feature in oxford mail

This week the Oxford Mail featured Abingdon’s annual Boxing Day MG Car Club event, which salutes the town’s MG heritage. Event founder John Harris started the tradition back in 1993 with a handful of cars, and now over 50 attend. Click here to read the full article.

20th December 2016 – Latest manchester xpag article Update

The second article about the Manchester XPAG Project has been sent to us early, as the Club is one of the financial contributors to the project. The link to the Project page can be found under the Miscellaneous heading in the Technical Information section, or click here.

15th december 2016 – new supplier

Mad Metrics has been added to the Suppliers page, under ‘Fastenings‘.


If you are looking for a Trimmer in the North Yorkshire area you may like to contact Tony Spry, an ex-Rolls Royce and Bentley trained trimmer who has asked to be added to the Interior Trim section of our suppliers page.

14th october 2016 – Round Britain Relay, SUMMER 2017

We asked for ideas for ways to celebrate our 70th anniversary next year and boy did we get a beauty from Julian Bosworth.


As the main concern expressed about national events is that they are too far away, Julian has come up with an idea for an event that actually comes to you. A Round Britain Relay. But before we go ahead we need to know if there is enough commitment and enthusiasm out there to get at least one Y Type to take on each of the 37 legs.


To find out more and register your interest, click here.

19th September 2016 – Flyer for Spring run 2017

12th august 2016 – Rare Breeds Tour and Car Show at Stockfest 16

Stockfest Car Show Flier-F1024x768Click the flyer for more details or check their websites The Y Register has been invited to attend the Rare Breeds Tour and Car Show at Stockfest 16 on Sunday 21st August in the Village of Stockcross RG20 8LNThe plan for the day is almost fixed and will essentially comprise (timings approximate)

  • Tour
  • Registration with coffee and bacon rolls from 0800
  • Tour start time 0900
  • Coffee break on tour
  • First cars expected back 1300
  • Tour length c60 miles and en route time c 3 – 3.5 hours


The tour will comprise a standard tulip for the start and finish and a quiz directed route for the middle section with a panic envelope containing a tulip for the same section.

16th JUNE 2016 – From Mollie Murray


My daughters and I would like to say a big thank you to all the Y Type fraternity for the lovely emails, cards and correspondence that we received following Jack’s recent death. There were so many people who sent their condolences and said such wonderful things about him that more than a few tears were shed but in a good way. We were able to find some comfort in knowing that he had so many friends who held him in such high regard. We were also very happy to see old friends at the funeral and really appreciated their presence, especially as some had travelled so far to be there. You really are a fantastic group of  people and I’m sure that this isn’t  the end of our friendship and that we will meet each other again  sometime in the future.

Mollie Murray


24th May 2016 – Jack Murray


I had some very sad news from Mollie Murray to say that Jack had died yesterday (24th May). He was 70.


All of us who own, or have owned, an MG Y Type will of course have known Jack either at the end of a phone or by e-mail and when he and Mollie attended Events with their wonderful YA. He was also at the majority of our Spring Runs and was ever present on the Y Register Stand at MG Silverstone, almost always with Mollie. He was a fountain of knowledge about everything Y and had been Registrar of the MGCC Y Register since its (re)formation in 1991. His records are the most comprehensive of any register of the Y including extensive information, photographs, ownership and other details of each car that he came across from his worldwide correspondents.


Jack met Mollie at Teacher Training College (as they were then known) in Coventry during the mid 1960’s. Although trained to cover most disciplines Jack was primarily an Art Teacher and as most of us know he was a very creative and inspired individual with a marvellous eye for detail. Many are fortunate to have received the brilliant and individually styled Christmas Cards that he sent. These featured a drawing of each persons Y, suitably styled with Christmas Festivities and the inevitable Father Christmas, his reindeers and of course Jack’s wry message.


Jack completely rebuilt his YA (UMG 290) over six years from September 1986 and took time out to attend evening classes in a range of skills necessary to undertake the project. These included welding, metal fabrication, mechanical and electrical engineering, spraying, upholstery and carpentry. Whilst certainly he possessed some of these abilities Jack was always willing to extend his knowledge.


Mollie and his two daughters Charlotte and Rebecca all played a fundamental role in Jack’s life and they were all fortunate to be present at the end. Their loss is immeasurable and to all of them we pass on our love. Those who knew Jack were fortunate enough to have met someone who helped change their lives and a part of him will always be in the Y Types that they own or have owned.


Thank you Jack, our memories of you will not be dimmed by the passing of time and for all it has been a huge honour and pleasure to have known you.