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Parts For Sale & Wanted


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For sale: MGYB 1272 registered 4 May 1953. Maroon with beige interior. Family owned since 1967. Last used 1987/8 then dismantled for a restoration project and has been dry stored since in Cambridgeshire. The body is sound except for some rust patches in  the boot area. The chassis is good having been cleaned and undersealed at start of restoration. All panels are in good shape, rear wings need some attention. The interior is completely stripped, all trim etc needs refurbishment. Seats seem OK. All fittings/instruments and new walnut dashboard are believed to be with the car.

Price IRO £2150 after examination.

Car to be seen by appoinment.

Contact for more details.




Jay Cooper (N Bristol area) has sent us a list of parts he has for sale, many of which are Y Type. Some parts may be YA specific.

Please contact Jay direct.
Contact is Tel. 01454 414762 e-mail


This list was last updated in 2014. For an up to date list please email Jay Cooper direct at the address above.


TD/TF Crown wheel and   pinion. Complete diff assembly (4.875 ratio ) £250.00
XPAG Tappet cover plate £15.00
Lucas Lucas Generator Type   C39PV2 12V,  (non  tacho drive) , working, excellent £100.00
Morris 8? Horn/Indicator   assembly £25.00
Lucas Spotlight (4LR) with   mounting bracket £50.00
XPAG Big End Bearings   (0.010) New Set of 8 £15.00
XPAG Casting, Fan Blade   Spacer, excellent £25.00
XPAG Elbow, thermostat   housing (good condition) £35.00
XPAG Dynamo adjusting link   (excellent, primed) £12.00
XPAG Engine stabalising   bracket £8.00
TD/TF/Y Steering pinion shaft   flange (excellent)
XPAG Second-hand piston   set (+30) some rings missing £20.00
Lucas Origional Distributor   cap  418888 (good) £20.00
Lucas Origional Distributor   cap  409635 (good) £20.00
MG TD Radiator slats,   origional, fair condition. Damaged lower rail near starter handle £20.00
MG TD Radiator Shell   dechromed, damaged top LH edge £50.00
MG TD Fuel tank end panel   set (needs rechroming at edge) £60.00
SU 1 1/4″ carb   complete with float chamber and choke mech    (2) £70.00
SU Carb ram pipes to fit   1 3/8″ carbs with 3 1/4″ bells (needs polishing) £10.00
Austin 10? Centre dash with   speedo, oil & fuel gauges, ignition switch £75.00
Lucas Wind tone horn WT618   (left-hand side 12v. working, needs painting £15.00
TD/TF Front suspension   spring pans £15.00
TD/TF/Y Front suspension king   pin trunnion (L/H Lower Brass) £40.00
TD/TF/Y Front suspension king   pin trunnion (R/H Lower Brass) £40.00
TD/TF/Y Front suspension king   pin trunnion (R/H Upper Steel) £40.00
TD/TF/Y Front suspension king   pin trunnion (L/H  Lower Steel) £40.00
TD/TF Front suspension   brake plates £25.00
Y-Type Y Brake drums (each) £25.00
TD/TF/YB Front brake plates   (each) £25.00
TD/TF/Y Wishbone arms, epoxy   painted with V8 bushes (good s/hand) 2 off £8.00
TD/TF/Y Wishbone arm pivots £15.00
Y-Type King pin with brass   trunnions complete with wheel hub (set) (YA) £90.00
Morris 8? Set of Front brake   shoes,  relined £20.00
Y-Type Inlet/Exhaust   manifold £60.00
Lucas Distributor 40942A   with vacuum advance £60.00
Y-Type Complete radiator   shell and slats (fair chrome) less false nose £150.00
TD/TF/Y Set of 8 new wishbone   rubber bushes, standard type £3.00
TA-TC Origional   “Silent Travel”  lock striker   plate with wedge ( g/cond) 2sets,    price each £15.00
XPAG Rocker cover £30.00
Lucas Voltage Regulator   RB106/2 12 Volt £35.00
Lucas Voltage Regulator RF   91,  9 Post 6V  (Morris 8 “E” type) £35.00
Morris 8 Pre war (Series E)   Centre dash console with speedo , amp, petrol, no oil gauge £60.00
Morris 8 Radiator top with   flying wing emblem
Lucas 2 Trafficators, Type   SF80, 6V New unused in origional Lucas factory rebuild box £90.00
TD LHS door complete,   good wood & panel, slight dents by hinges (door stay failed?) £150.00
Lucas Acetylene rear   motorcycle lamp (lucas No B116 (fair condition) £80.00
Car Jack Classic vintage style   screw jack (no square drive handle) £20.00
Lucas Classic electric   screen wash(Mod 2SJ) with glass resevoir and damaged carrier
Smiths Oil pressure gauge   (UP204, 0-100PSI) black 2″ face 2.5″ rectangle  (Bristol 400)
Morris Morris Minor bonnet,   good condition (ex GPO?) £20.00
General Classic Fire   extinguisher. KERCO No 1 (1 Quart) Brass body with wall mounting
Lucas Dashboard lamp L534   (MGA?) £8.00
TD/TF Exterior door   handles, fair chrome £10.00
XPAG Rear Dynamo mounting   bracket, chromed, excellent (Moss 433-640) £15.00
TD/TF Origional gear lever   knob, used, in origional BMC box £5.00



Gerry Brown tel: 01473 737256 has the following items for sale; 13th August 2014

Y type radiator will need a new boss for the drain tap and you should assume it will need a new core. If it does not it is a bonus. £10 .