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'Y Sheet 1 – Steering Column Electrics' by Jack Murray.
Sort out how your slip ring contacts work. Please note that you can download this sheet for Free ..
'Y Sheet 2 – Fitting a Heat Shield' by Jack Murray.
Is it fuel vapourisation that is causing that uneven running?   Buying this might be the s..
'Y Sheet 3 – Fitting Flashers' by Jack Murray.
Make sure your intentions are clear to others! Please note that you can download this sheet for F..
'Y Sheet 4 – Flashing Indicators with Semaphores' by David Pelham and Paul Barrow.
Please note that this sheet is not currently available as it is being rewritten and updated.  I..
'Y Sheet 5 – The Pedal Box Assembly' by Neil Cairns.
Understand how your pedal box functions. Please note that you can download the sheet for FREE by ..
'Y Sheet 6 – Y–Type Service Data' by Neil Cairns.
‘Data for the repairer’ – from The Motor Trader 2nd June 1948. ..
'Y Sheet 7 – The Jackall System' by Neil Cairns.
Understand your Jackall system. ..
'Y Sheet 8 – Trafficator Semaphore Arms' by Neil Cairns.
The repair and maintenance guide for Lucas Semaphores.  Covers models SF40 and SF80. ..
'Y Sheet 9 – Fitting an Alternator' by Neil Cairns.
All you need to know about making the changeover. ..
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