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Jackall pump shaft seal
The Register have had the Jackall pump main shaft seal specially remanufactured using modern materia..
Jackall Ram seals
Jackall Ram Seals. These are the inserts needed for each of the four hydraulic jacks on the front..
Jackall system spares
The Register have located or had specially manufactured all the unions (referred to as 'tube nuts') ..
Regrettably the Register can no longer sell this kit because of our limited liability cover. NTG now..
The Register have never supplied this item, which is listed in the relevant Lucas catalogue as their..
Ashtrays and fittings Blind - rear window Bonnet buffers Bonnet Corners - Allan Bolt Boot..
Anti-rattle spring for gear lever
The original springs fracture eventually.  These replacements are made from heat-treated steel ..
Boot Floor Tool Clip Sets.
Manufactured in stainless steel, these clips are reproductions of the original steel versions. ..
Boot Hinge Pads
These pads are designed to sit between your hinge and the paintwork to protect your car's finish.&nb..
Door handle pad set
Currently out of stock, however, NTG sell a similar pad here -
Headlamp Bar
These replacement bars are manufactured from the correct diameter polished stainless steel..
Radiator Cap Spanner in Aluminium
Give your radiator cap that extra part of a turn that will prevent it from being simply unscrewed by..
Rear Check Strap Rubber
These items are unobtainable elsewhere as far as we know.  They are a faithfull copy of the ori..
Rear Grab Strap - complete
  The original grab straps consisted of a stiff backing covered by a beige or red patterned ..
Rear Grab Strap Loop
These loops have been cast in brass using the 'lost wax' process and chromium plated.  The moul..
Window Glass Support Rubber
This flat rubber strip is ideal for seating the window glass in the replacement channels that we sel..
Wood Trim - Saloon Windscreen - Top Section
Replacement hardwood trim to cover the headlining fixings at the top of the windscreen on saloons.&n..
'Ace' wheeltrims
For YA/YT wheels.  Made from stainless steel, these carefully polished trims are secured b..
Ashtrays and Surrounds - complete or as components.
Regrettably our manufacturer has decided that it is uneconomic for them to continue production. ..
Y Type Carpet Sets & Overmats
Please note that Coverdale increase their prices periodically and updated prices are awaited.  ..
Bumper Nuts - as original but in polished stainless steel.  Sold as a pair.
These nuts are a faithful reproduction of the chrome plated brass originals, but are much tougher an..
Front bumper domed nuts in stainless steel (pair).
Similar to the original pattern, with the correct 1/2" BSF thread.  Can also be used to finish ..
Seat Bolts - set of four.
One set per seat.  two set sfor Saloons, one set for Tourers.  Cylindrically headed steel ..
Seat Runners - sold in sets of 2.
One set per seat.  Two sets needed for Saloons and one set for Tourers.  This 'dished'&nbs..
Starting Handle Bracket
Polished Stainless Steel.  Avoid any worries about damaging the plating on the steel original, ..
Bonnet Buffers
Set of 4 - YA, YT and YB.  Made in rubber from the Register owned moulds, and shaped to fit the..
Allan Bolt Bequest - Bonnet Corners
As well as two moulded rubber corners, the 'kit' includes 2 nickel-plated bifurcated brass rivets, 2..
Bulkhead Wiring Grommet
For bulkhead junction box to dash wiring.  Made in rubber, the grommet protects the wiring..
Tool Roll
Also suits TC.  Original pattern, complete with leather strap and buckle.  Edged in vinyl...
Jackall System - Rear Flexible Hose
Complete with all fittings necessary to connect to the original hydraulic pipes.  Provides the ..
Jackall System Reservoir Transfer Set
Reproduced from the original design.  Complete with a separate instruction sheet. ..
Jackall Pump Seals
Set of 3.  These are the seals needed for the pump only – not the chassis jack rams.  Colo..
Chrome Hub Caps
Priced individually. Please specify YA/YT or YB.  Re-manufactured with plating to a very high s..
Chrome Wheel Embellishers
Priced individually.  Please specify YA/YT or YB.  Enhance the appearance of your wheels.&..
Radiator Cap Spanner.  No longer in production. and now out of stock. See alternative design listed above.
Aluminium with plastic covered handle.  Give your radiator cap that extra part of a turn that w..
Spare Wheel Clamping Plate
Manufactured to the original design in formed mild steel. ..
Spare Wheel Fixing Bracket
'Cheese' shaped, complete with fixing bolt.  Ready to weld to the boot floor. Has the corr..
Spare wheel retaining bolt
All models.  These reproductions have been made for us by a Register member. They have the..
Spare wheel retaining bolt - stainless steel.
A reproduction of an original mild steel bolt in unpolished stainless steel.  They have the cor..
Support Bracket For Front Wing Sidelight Wiring
Stainless steel.  Fits under each front wing and is attached by a sidelight bolt.  Now mad..
Windscreen Wiper Rubber Fixing Pegs
As original - set of 2.  Remanufactured to the original design.  Not pressure moulded..
Fog/Spot Lamp Bracket
Remanufactured in mild steel.  Provides a substantial mounting.  Available for both nearsi..
Carpet Retaining Strips
According to David Lawrence's book 'Let there be Y's' (P.171 and Supplement P.12), for both Saloons ..
Air Cleaner to Carburettor Hose
YA and YB only.  Fabric reinforced rubber.  This item is currently unavailable as we are s..
Dashboard Panel Light Bulbs
Priced individually.  3 for YA/YB,  6 for YT.  Luckman ‘Globes’ sourced in Australia ..
Rear Blind in Calico
Roller and fittings are not included. YA and YB only. ..
Front Window Glass Carriers
Priced individually.  'Handed' - please select left or right as you sit in the car.  Rubbe..
Rear Window Glass Carriers
Priced individually.  YA and YB only.  'Handed' - please select left or right as you ..
Windscreen Rubber Mounting Pads  YT only.
Sold as a handed pair.  Carefully moulded. ..
Trafficator Return Spring
YA/YB and YT/EXU.  This is the torsion spring for Trafficator Signal Mechanism.   ..
Rear Axle Hub Spanners - YA/YT
YA and YT only.  A spanner that does the same job as the tool shown on page S3 of the driv..
XPAG Drip Tin
All XPAG and XPAW engines.  Just attach to the lowest bolt on the bell housing. The wing n..
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