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A List of Negatives in the Cowley Archives – Update



List of Negatives in the Cowley Archive.


MG 1¼ Litre Y Type.


Update by Mike Silk


Background Information.


This schedule is based on a typed list provided by the archivist at Gaydon in 1997. Following a day spent there, I found that I could add more photographs to the list and expand on the annotations etc. The additional material I have added is in bold type.


At the time I was seeking more detailed information related to the restoration of my Tourer, because at the time very little had been published. This accounts for much of the detail against the Tourer photographs.


The three pictures of the Tourer on page 157 in Mike Allison’s book ‘Magic of MG’ are annotated as ‘MoM’ upper/mid/lower.


During the visit, I came across photographs of what I have listed as the Prototype Tourer. I thought this was quite a find. It was too late for David Lawrence to include a proper write up of the prototype in ‘Let there be Y’s’ (annotated as LTBY), but he did manage to add two pages of text and four photographs. He actually used two more photographs in LTBY that are not listed below – those on pages 15 (the rear n/s quarter view with hood and s/s up) and the middle one on page 16 (front n/s quarter with no hood or sidescreens and the hood cover in place). In addition, in the first Supplement on page 2 there is an offside view of the prototype side-on, which shows the earlier, shorter door. With low set hinges. So some more research/annotating is needed.


Mike Silk                                                                                                       18th April 2011

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