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AGM Chairman’s Report 2014

23rd Annual General Meeting of the

MG Car Club Y Type Register

Sunday 30th March 2014


Chairman’s report

The Y Register has continued to promote and preserve the MG Y Type marque by providing an excellent service to Y owning members of the MGCC and it is my pleasure to summarise the activities of the past year.



Thanks to Chris and Annette Callaghan who took over the organising of the Spring Run and Dinner in 2013. The gathering of Y Types in the Abingdon Market Square was a spectacular start to the run unfortunately the rain dampened the conclusion at Greys Court. However it was concluded that all had enjoyed another successful event. The Dinner once again attracted the majority of entrants and was a very enjoyable occasion. The Car of the Year Award was won by Neil Cairns and I was privileged to present him with the Doubtfire Shield. Dennis has since written and thanked us for naming the shield after him.


This year’s Spring Run will be based in Winchester and visit The Milestones museum Basingstoke

We once again manned our Register stand in the display marquee at MG Live and my YA was displayed on the outside veranda. The issues re the amount of space that we were allocated and the position of our display car have been addressed for the coming MG90. We have been asked to provide a YA, YT and a YB for the Time Line display of cars and Rob King has volunteered to display his newly restored YA as a follow up to his highly acclaimed display of the rolling chassis stage two years ago.

In addition to the two main events of the year there have been groups of Ys meeting up at several other venues. A number of Ys have already booked for the Churchill Vintage and Classic Car Show in June.


Jerry and Jo and Chris and Annette kept the flag flying for Y types at the EEOTY and had a great time even though Jerry came home on a trailer.

David Pelham

The Register was hit by the very sad news that David died on 29th June. He had recently stood down from our committee after being a long standing member. He made an in depth study of the YT and was respected as its foremost authority making him the go to man for all things YT. He had very strong convictions on the governance of the MGCC and kept us well informed of its finer details. He will most recently be remembered for the Y Tour of Brittany that he so ably organised. He has been a great loss to the Y Community.


Jerry and I attended David’s funeral and our card and condolences were passed on to his wife Shirley. Dennis Doubtfire wrote an obituary that was published in SF.



Having lost the services of our Webmaster Ted Gardner we were left with a website that required some expertise to administer. It was decided that we should have the site reconstructed in a more user friendly form so that committee members will be able to keep it up and running. Malcolm Bailey was commissioned for the task but unfortunately technical problems have delayed the sites completion, however it is hoped to have it on line before this AGM.


The new site will include on line car registration, improved on line shop ordering and have a more user friendly format.


Regalia and Restoration Sales

We have had another successful year of sales. Thanks again to Mike and Sue Silk. This year we have introduced several new lines including, carpet sets, gear lever anti rattle spring, wheeltrims, rear ashtrays, door handle mounting rubbers and front bumper domed nuts.



Neil Cairns has continued to give technical advice to Y owners and has added more technical notes to our website including his rebuild of the gearbox. Neil has also serviced and maintained Little Gem for the Main Club.


Y Register

Thanks to Jack Murray for keeping the Y type Register and presenting the latest numbers of new finds. He also provides the ‘Get You Home Scheme’. This is a list of Y owners who are willing to be contacted if you break down in their vicinity. At present we have 90 helpers on the list. If you have ever made use of this service or would like to join the list we would be very interested to know.



Many thanks to the staff at Kimber House for their support and help throughout the year. They provide an excellent service and contact with them is always a pleasure. Committee members have attended the Club Council meetings and AGM and kept abreast of club affairs.


Llanerchindda Farm Weekend July 2014

Having experienced a Llanerchindda Farm guest house Classic Car Weekend with my local MG Owners Club I felt it would be an excellent venue for a Y Register four day event. The farm was booked for next July and all places have now been taken up by five YAs, three YTs, four YBs and a TD. I have also had interest from two local Y owners who wish to join up with us on one of the days. We look forward to a super weekend.



My five year tenure will be up at the next meeting so I need to offer my resignation. I fully support the rule that the post of chairman should be relinquished after a maximum of five years. It provides an opportunity to bring in new blood and ensures progression.


I am pleased to report that the Y Type Register remains in a strong position and continues to be of service to all Y owners in our mission to preserve and enjoy the MG Y marque. I am confident that the register is in a very stable position and that a new chairman will have a smooth transition.


Peter Vielvoye

MGCC Y Type Register Chairman

27th March 2014