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MGCC Y Type Register Chairman’s Review of 2011

My beautiful pictureAs we head off into a new year I would like to take time to look back over another eventful year of the MGCC Y Type Register. Early in the year Neil Cairns gave notice that he felt the time had come after 14 years to move on from being our Safety Fast! scribe. The committee felt he had done a great job and commissioned a portrait of his car that I had the pleasure of presenting to him at our Spring Run Dinner. Neil promised to keep on writing and became our official Technical Advisor. He then set about filling our website Technical Information Section with a wealth of Y related gems. More recently many of you will have read his diary in which he related his trials and tribulations as he rebuilt the engine of his YB, a masterpiece that will serve all MG owners far into the future. The First installment of An XPAG Engine Rebuild–‘Introduction and Day One’ can be found via this link. After advertising the Scribe post Jerry Birkbeck came to our rescue, took up the pen and has made a great start to his period of office.


2010 left us with a website and no one to run it. We have been very grateful to our committee member Ted Gardner, who took up the challenge and with no previous experience of running websites has developed it into a first class tool for Y owners. Websites need time to grow, ours is in its comparative infancy but with your help it will continue to expand. Contributions on anything Y are always much appreciated.


At the heart of our website is the Y Type Register Shop, here we provide a unique service to Y owners. Many thanks to Mike and Sue Silk who sacrifice space in their home for our stock and provide a friendly and efficient service to those of us in need. The catalogue of regalia and parts has been completely reviewed and re-presented over the past year. We are always looking for new items that can enhance ownership or solve problems. If you have a suggestion for a product that will do this please contact Mike.


Last March we held our Annual General Meeting as usual at Kimber House. The new John Thornley Suite provides an excellent venue and all MGCC Y Type owners were welcome. Last year we entertained a Y owning visitor from the States. All Officers were re-elected unanimously and a report was published on our website.



SR1164KoshtiHenstridge0011xxEvery year we organise events for Y owners to attend with their cars. Last year was particularly successful in that we were able to spread our attractions over the whole country. Our premier event The Spring Run and Dinner moved north to the Peak District and even further north in July we had our regular meeting of Ys at the Ripon Old Cars Annual Charity Show.


YZStandonAR11bIn August we moved south for the first time for several years, where there was a ‘Special Summer Gathering of Y Types’ at the SW Centre’s Auto Aero event at Henstridge in Dorset and to finish the year Peter Sharp organised his second Autumn Run in the Bedfordshire area. Peter has stepped forward as a Y owner and organised two Autumn Runs now as he felt the need for an event in his area. If you feel a similar need for your area the Committee and our Events Co-ordinator Jerry Birkbeck, would love to hear from you and are always willing to use their considerable expertise and experience to give advice and support.


In addition to these events, there have been small groups of Ys meeting up at several other events including the Brooklands MG Era Day in April and the Macmillan Classic Motor Show at Clandon Park in July. If you intend visiting a show or event it is always worth letting our website know so we can encourage other Ys to meet up with you.



Silver1106bSilver1107bMG Live! at Silverstone is the main annual event for the MGCC. The Y Type Register Stand in the main marquee is manned by at least two committee members throughout the weekend. Last year Paul Pennell lent his YB and as an ex Monte-Carlo Rally and Silverstone racer it took pride of place in the display of Rally Cars. We met and chatted with Y owners and were able to provide many of them with regalia, parts and advice. If you have never attended MGLive! why not make it a date this year and come and meet us. Our primary function is to keep a register of all known Y types. Jack Murray our Registrar beavers away at this all year and presented his latest figures at our AGM, which were then published on our website. It is always of great interest to note how so many new finds keep on cropping up. This year Jack reported a further 32 Ys that were previously unknown to the Register and we are now aware of 1044 cars that are either on the road or under restoration. If you think your car is unregistered or its details need updating please contact Jack through the website.


Jack also runs a ‘Get You Home Scheme’. This is a list of Y owners who are willing to be contacted if you break down in their vicinity. They may have a spare part that is desperately needed or just provide a shoulder to cry on. At present we have 96 helpers on the list. If you have ever made use of this service we would be very interested to know.


At our committee meeting in October we were very happy to welcome our new Treasurer Annette Callaghan, a YB owner and long standing member of the MGCC. The post had been vacant for some time and I must take this opportunity of thanking Brian Moyse our Secretary for shouldering the burden of the extra work as Acting Treasurer through the interim period.


Another of our committee functions is to represent Y owning MGCC members at club Council meetings, we do this twice a year and attend other meetings and forums on your behalf. Throughout the past year we have been very pro-active in bringing our concerns on financial matters and subscription rates to the attention of the Main Club Directors.


We are always available by email and have helped and advised owners on numerous occasions throughout the year. We are here to promote and enhance Y ownership, so if you feel there is any small way we can further this aim, please do contact us.


May I wish you all many enjoyable hours with your Y Types in 2012.


Peter Vielvoye,


MGCC Y Type Register Chairman.


For details of this (2012) years Spring Weekend please take a look at Spring Weekend 2012 in The Forest of Dean.