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Brooklands MG Era Day 3rd April 2017

The day’s target was to get to Brooklands by 9am to join the Y Register cars. For once our run down the M25 was faultless, not something that happens very often (and I avoid that road as much as possible). But it was early Sunday morning and traffic was very light, it took just 43 minutes from Hemel Hempstead to the A3; possibly the quickest we have ever done it in the years our YB has attended the MG Day. Not one queue was encountered, alas the journey home that afternoon took twice as long as by then it was the usual alternating race track/car park again.

We joined the end of the queue to enter Brooklands, and the numbers of Y Types was quite amazing. Upon the gates opening we were told to let in the MGC’s first as they were in the centre display, but no one then told when the Ys were to enter so we seemed to wait ages. In the end we just joined the queue. Seems we had been forgotten! No matter, a nice long length of tarmac had been reserved for us and 21 cars soon filled it with three more arriving later. It was probably the best turn out of Ys I had seen since the first Spring Run back in 1996 as the photo by David Gregory shows.

Old friends and acquaintances were met, stories told and cars compared. Oddly enough the fact I had a child seat in the back caught quite a few eyes, and I had to explain just how one fits such an item to a car with wooden floors (details on the website). Some were not aware that it is illegal to carry a child under five that is not in an approved seat, no matter what the car; once over five they can be carried in the rear seat without a seat belt if none are fitted, but NOT in the front seat. (That worried a few Midget owners….) I used the Jackall system on my YB and educated no end of inquisitive visitors as to what it was. Whilst I was busy with tech stuff Maggie and Paul Grafham were busy the other end with their gazebo telling people about the Y Register 70th Anniversary run around the UK. To amuse myself I carried out a survey on the Ys petrol caps. A little odd you might think but I’ve had questions on the facebook page over its correct angle. As one might guess, no two were the same, the whole compass was covered, some up, others down, or sideways.

It was good to see external food and drink stands, as in previous years we ended up in massive queues to the cafe. But I thought £11.50 for two teas and two sausage rolls a bit steep; shades of Silverstone prices I fear. I’m not too sure what the MGC owners who were parked next to the very smoky barbeque thought though. Another little item that raised its head was over-riders. My car has TD type, as do other YBs. The YA and YT of those that wore any, had the earlier type (like thin Morris Minor ones). As far as I am aware, the first owner of my car purchased these when he collected the car from Abingdon in 1952. So which are correct for which model? Answers on a post card. The Ys on display were excellent, as I’ve said before, every year the quality improves.

After a superb sunny day we left to travel home having had a very nice day out. See you all at the Spring Run.