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Abingdon March 25th, 65th Anniversary Event.

MGCC Y Type Register 65th Anniversary of the Y Type meeting in Abingdon Market Square.


Below is a one minute video clip to give the flavour of the Y Register meeting in the Market Square, Abingdon on Sunday March 25th. The event was organised by Jerry Birkbeck and thanks also go to Annette and Chris Callaghan.



This video is in HD and with a slower computer may hesitate occasionally so in this case it might be an idea to click ‘Play’ and then immediately ‘Pause’ and wait until it has loaded before going for ‘Play’ again.


Photographs below taken by Jack Murray in Abingdon Market Square on March 25th showing Y owners and passers by admiring a good turnout of Y Types as part of this years 65th Anniversary of the Y Type.