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Manchester XPAG project

22nd January 2018 – manchester xpag update : solutions.

The next three articles summarise suggestions on possible solutions.

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3rd december – manchester xpag update : the problems with modern Fuels

This next article on the Manchester XPAG tests presents the data that shows the problems caused by modern fuel.

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13 october 2017 – Manchester xpag update : Carburation part 1

For more information on modern fuels related to Carburation click here  

This article looks at how the SU carburettor works and how it can be adjusted to improve the
combustion process.

20th december 2016 – manchester xpag update: fuel volatility

The second article on the Manchester XPAG proect is now available to read here.

30th January 2015 – We received the following email and article from Paul Ireland Manchester XPAG project


I am very conscious there has been a noticeable silence from me on the subject of the Manchester XPAG project. I apologise. While waiting for funding applications to come to fruition, I have become involved with our Parish Council who are developing a Neighbourhood Plan for our village which has been taking vast quantities of my time.

However, there is some very good news. The MG Car Club, NTG and TTT2 have all offered funding which will allow these test to continue. At the moment, I am trying to ensure we have the most appropriate instrumentation for the engine. One area that may have potential is recording the sounds made by the engine. To this end I have attached an article on this subject which shows there may be some potential here and hopefully we may get some help from the Digital Signal Processing Group at Manchester University.

One other area where people may be able to help is in how to photograph the fuel leaving the jet and if possible in the inlet manifold as my previous article appeared so show there was very poor dispersion of the fuel droplets with some fuels.

The best time to run the tests will be in the  summer when the volatility of the fuel is higher as this is when our cars are mainly used and when the problems appear to show themselves. I am also planning to try to source some E10 from France to use along with “home mixed” ethanol blends.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the attached article.

Kind regards

Paul Ireland

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