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MG Engines History by Neil Cairns

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A ‘mini-article’ that I wrote for the Octagon Car Club magazine has bought in a few queries. Heinz Wrobel has a 1939 Morris Ten Series ‘M’ with the 1140 XPJM version that has the part-number 22952 on its cylinder head AND the date 1949, proving its age. But I have the 22952 head down as the later 1250cc XPAG head, which it is. It seems Morris used the ‘pattern’ for the early ’39 head for the later MG 1250cc XPAGs as whilst my 1952 cylinder head has 22952, the other number is not a date, thus proving the pattern had been ‘updated’ for the bigger valves. As the ‘early’ Morris 22952 heads had the ’round holes’ for the waterways, and the ‘late’ MG 22952 has the ‘oval holes’ the pattern must have been modified. Remember to ONLY use an oval-hole head gasket if either the head or block has oval holes.


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