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No Microchips Here

No Microchips Here

Many people admire the little MG ‘Y Type’ saloon these days, often one will meet a few looking the car over when left parked up and the resulting conversation delays everyone! Its nice they are interested, but few realise just what a 70 year old car does NOT have. Here is a list of the things the MG ‘One and a Quarter Liter Sports Saloon’ is missing compared to a 2017 car;-

It has no disc brakes; no brake servo; no power steering; no seat belts; no air bags; not designed for radial-ply tyres; no windscreen washer; no sat-nav plug; no Engine Electronic Management Unit; no fuel injection; no ‘lane-control’; no radio/cd player; no electric windows; no pressurised cooling system; no heater as standard; no windscreen de-icer/de-mister; no engine temperature gauge; no synchromesh on 1st or reverse gear; no overdrive; only four speed gearbox; no catalytic converter; no flashing indicators; no parking sensors; no automatic parking assistance; no remote locking; no alarm system; no alternator; non-ohc; no accident crush zones; no door mirrors; no monocoque construction; no telescopic dampers; to mention those that come to mind.

Instead it has; a separate under-slung ladder-chassis; opening windscreen; manual door windows, manual and electric windscreen wipers; drum brake tls at the front; a normally-aspirated SU carburetter; no air filter (only a silencer); cross-ply tyres; synchromesh on three upper gears; ohv 1250cc engine; semaphore trafficators (indicators); manually adjusted front seats; individual manual door locking; hypoid rear axle; independent front suspension with rack and pinion steering (just like today’s cars); lever-arm dampers; leather bucket seats; bedford cloth headlining; sun roof; excellent access to the engine via gull-wing bonnet; ‘suicide’ opening front doors; 16 greasing points some required at just 1000 mile intervals; engine oil changes every 3000 miles; a hydraulic all round  jacking system; hydraulic brakes (when many still had rod or cable brakes); charm, character; good looks; individuality; rarity; easy to DIY service; and a constant conversation point with people who would not normally even see you!