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YB Owners (1)


Owner and location: Iain Crowther, Lincolnshire


Date of first registration: 7th July, 1952


Registration: UMG 695


I own a Green MG YB  which my father purchased in the early nineties and I was a mere teenager and spent every weekend washing it. He used it most days, including a 24 hour non-stop journey from John O’Groats to Lands End in 1994 for charity. As I left home and my father got older, the car got left and was starting to show its age and lack of love, so I offered to buy it off my dad. I bought this car about four years ago (me being 32 at the time) and with the help of my best friend Dean stripped it down, got it resprayed and got the engine all cleaned up and running well, also the Jackall system works as good as new. We left the inside ‘as is’, as I love the old leather look and smell and it shows true character, also the inside costs a lot of money! The car has been on the Roundel run and has done various journeys since. It’s not in mint condition but it has the love respect that it’s owed and one day I hope to pass it on to my little boy, so the car can stay in the family.












Owner and Location :

Gordon Skoog.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Date of First Registration :
2nd July, 1952.


YB0538a1 YB0538b

The above photographs and information kindly supplied by Gordon Skoog.



YB1516bbOwner and Location :

Malcolm Perry, South Yorkshire, UK.


Date of First Registration :

3rd August, 1953.

Registered 2nd time in 1991.


Chassis No.: YB 1516


Engine Number :


Registration :
FAG 621


Previous Owners :
Clydesdale Construction Co. Ltd., M. Brown., M. Bell., D.Robertson.


History :
Build date Tuesday 13th July 1953, Colour Red. Colour in 1974 Black, Colour in 1991 Green/Grey.


YB1516ab YB1516cb


The above photographs and information kindly supplied by Malcolm Perry.



yb0251a Owner and Location :

Gilbert Vickers, Kent, England.


Date of First Registration.
1st January 1952.


History of car.

This car, the first YB built had more or less disappeared until a bit of detective work in late 2006 by members of the MG Car Club Y Type Register Committee and with the assistance of the DVLA elicited a phone call from the present owner Gilbert Vickers who lives in Kent.

Mr Vickers kindly invited Peter Arnell and Ted Gardner to visit (by Peters Y Type in January 2007) and see the car that had been owned for 37 years but not on the road for a while.

Most of the components of the car were original apart from the wheels and the original suppliers plate on the instrument panel was noted.

Some close inspection showed that it may not have been white from new but maybe Sun Bronze or similar.
Mr. Vickers was very kind and gave us tea and chatted about the car and his others, an MGB and TF.
Certainly a car that could be on the road again and interesting to know it’s still in existence.






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YB0279ccc Owner and Location :

Michael Long, Isle of Wight, England.


Date of First Registration :

22nd January, 1952


Chassis No.: YB 0279




History of Car.


UMG 576 was first registered on 22nd January 1952, bought from University Motors. It is an early YB, one of the ‘hybrids’ produced during the transition from YA to YB production. The original buff and green continuation logbooks give the whole ownership history of the car. The original colour is recorded as ‘duo-green’, believed to be Shires Green over Woodland Green. A ‘Morris Motors Replacement’ engine was fitted in January 1961.


The original owner was Lt. Col. Philip Jackson, from Carlisle. It had 4 further owners up to 1969, when it was taken off the road. In 1998, it was bought for restoration, going back on the road in 2004, although still incomplete. I bought it in 2009, still incomplete, and having covered only about 200 miles since 2004.


I completed its restoration during the winter of 2009/2010. It is now close to its original specification, with a few period accessories fitted. Discreet flashing indicators have been fitted, for safety in modern traffic conditions.


The small collection of badges on the front is all from the correct period. These include AA, RAC, Institute of Advanced Motorists (of which I am a member) and National Trust membership badges, St Christopher, Queen Elizabeth II coronation commemorative badge. There is also a Royal Observer Corps badge in honour of my late father, who was a member for many years following wartime RAF service. I also have a badge presented to me as a member of the winning team in an Isle of Wight schools road safety quiz in 1968.




Owner and Location :

Neil Cairns, Bedfordshire, England, UK


Date of First Registration

5th February 1952



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YB 0329



Owner and Location
Ted Gardner, West Berkshire, England, UK


Date of First Registration
6th February 1952


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YB0558CbzzOwner and Location :

Dennis Greenwood, West Yorkshire, England.


Date of First Registration.
31st July, 1952.


Chassis Number: YB0558.


 Dennis Greenwood sent us these pictures of his YB.




DIGITAL CAMERAOwner and Location :

Mick Bath, Lincoln, UK.


Date of First Registration :
6th October, 1952.


Chassis No.: YB 0686


Engine Number :


Registration :
VEV 228


Previous Owners.
N. Platek and D. Beech.



The above photographs and information kindly supplied by Mick Bath.



YB0711aOwner and Location :

John Thornley, Cumbria.


Date of First Registration :
1st October 1952.


History of Car/Notes from the Owner :


The registration number originates from the London area so I am assuming that is where the car started its life but, apart from that, I have no history on the car prior to 1990.

YB0711bI would be very interested if anybody can provide any history on the car between 1952 and 1990. In the 1990’s I know the car changed ownership on several occasions but I became the owner in 2001 when I purchased it from a dealer.

At the time of purchase the car was very presentable but after only a few weeks of ownership I had identified problems with the bodywork, paintwork, electrics and mechanics all of which required attention.

The list was growing daily so I decided to take the car off the road in order that all the remedial work could be carried out as one major task.That work took just over 18 months. Since returning to the road in 2003 the car has provided excellent service and, apart from routine servicing, the only job that remains is to overhaul the Jackall system.


Details kindly supplied by John Thornley.



YB0829ebOwner and Location :

Klaas Stuiver, The Netherlands.


Date of First Registration :
28th October, 1952.


Chassis No.: YB 0829


Registration :
44 NJ 50





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