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Fitting Disc Brakes to a Y Type

For a change this is quite an easy modification. You will need the suspension from an MGB, the damper, king pin and lower wishbone. These items will line up with your YB and you get the disc brake free! The YT and YA have a different geometry and will require the extra lowering bracket that the inner end of the spring pan bolts to. If you want to go really posh and have ventilated discs, find an MGB RV8 as those bits also fit as a whole unit. You will require a brake servo to operate the ‘harder’ disc pads and a bigger fluid reservoir to cope with the extra that fills the pistons in the brakes’ calipers. Your normal master cylinder volume is totally insufficient. Alas you can now only fit 14″ MGB wheels as the stud spacings are wrong on both YA and YB hubs, and the wheel dish will not clear the calipers. (An MGB rear axle is not difficult to fit to our springs, though you may need to move the spring pads).




























Article supplied by Neil Cairns and photograph courtesy of the Late Alf Luckman