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Original Y Type Jackall Drawings

Jackall13scan01The Y Register have recently acquired the original drawings of the Y Type Jackall system that were rescued from a skip back in 1993.

Jeremy Prince an MGCC member and MG J2 owner has recently retired and ‘as you do’  he decided to clear out his garage. Jeremy an ex employee of the now no longer Smiths Industries Hydraulics Company of Witney had rescued a load of drawings that were destined for the skip in a company clear out and stored them in his garage. Among them were the Jackall drawings and Jeremy gave us first refusal as he felt the Y Register was the most appropriate home for them.


There are 5 Drawings titled CPTE. RED JACKALL SYSTEM FOR M.G. 11/4 LITRE 1946. They are on quality linen type paper and are in excellent condition.


The majority of the detail is of the different size rams but there are views of the pump and its handle, the reservoir, flexible pipe and fittings. The ram drawings show an alternative foot design and interestingly state that the foot should be painted red. It also states that a letter ‘S’ should be stamped on the foot to denote synthetic rubber is used for the seal which doesn’t seemed to have happened in practice. The reservoir is labelled with the original design for the transfers that we now sell in our shop. We do in fact cater quite well for jackal refurbishment as we sell the flexible pipe and a set of seals for the pump.


Please take pleasure in studying them yourself and feel free to download a copy for your personal use.


Peter Vielvoye.


The Jackall Drawings are in PDF format and available by clicking on the links below.


Jackall Drawing 1 Jackall Drawing 2 Jackall Drawing 3 Jackall Drawing 4 Jackall Drawing 5


In association with these drawings is an article by Neil Cairns on the repairing of them which can be found here: Jackall Repairs