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MGA-MGB-Y Type – Suspension (front)

The MGB is 50 this year, but some of it is a lot, lot older!


MGA 1600 Mk.2.So your MGB is unique so you think? Study this picture closely, what model MG is it from?


The Issigonis inspired independent front suspension on your MGB was originally designed in 1937 for use on the new Morris Ten series M monocoque family saloon. It was declared too expensive so the car was built in 1939 with a beam front axle on leaf springs. But the suspension was too good to waste, so it was used on the 1939 MG Ten.


This MG never went into production because of WW2. But it did eventually appear in 1947 as the MG Y Series, One and a Quarter Litre Saloon. The stiff box-sectioned chassis, rack and pinion steering and independent front suspension from the MG Y was then used on the 1949 MG TD.


Neil Cairns noted that at the MGB50 meeting at Blenheim in September 2012 suppliers Moss had front suspension bits on show, the spring-pan has the Y Type holes for the YB anti-roll-bar!This grew into the 1953 MG TF, then the 1955 MGA used the same front layout and cross-member, the photo on the left is of an MGA 1600 Mk2. with disc brakes. The 1962 MGB inherited this suspension (originating in 1937 remember) with a modified king pin arrangement. This went on in the 1990’s to become the MG RV8. The whole suspension from the MGB and RV8 will pick up on the Y Type mounting points so it is possible to have ventilated disc brakes on a Y Type!!


Take a look under the front of a MG Y Type, recognise anything? Only the earlier anti-roll bar differs.


Neil Cairns.