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XPAG Engine Rebuild

Neil’s New Diary–An introduction to an XPAG Engine Rebuild.


When Neil Cairns recently stepped down from his post as Y Register Scribe he stressed that he was not hanging up his pen and fully intended to continue with literary contributions for Y readers. He has indeed submitted prolifically to this site and has also continued as a regular contributor to several MG publications.


Many of you will have a warm recollection that when Neil took on the task of bringing the now famed “Little Gem” to an “on the road” condition he also took the time to record the experience in the form of a diary. You will, I am sure be pleased to hear that he now intends to start a new diary as he takes on the mammoth task of restoring the mechanics of his own YB. Over the coming weeks this site will follow the restoration, its problems and their solutions as Neil records day by day the progress he makes.


Having read “Day 1” with great interest I have already picked up valuable tips and been reminded of my some of my own past experiences. I am sure we are all in for a jolly good read and will be provided with a wealth of information.


Peter Vielvoye, Chairman MGCC Y Register.


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Associated with this engine rebuild is that of Neil’s YB which can be read HERE.