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Y-Types Out & About

Owners may if they wish e-mail us photos of their Ys for inclusion on this page which is intended to record those enjoyable days out at Meetings or on a Run or just Out and About.


The latest photos received will appear at the top of the page (in roughly date order). Please send your photos for inclusion on this page to owne… with suitable caption information and a note that they are for the Y Types Out & About page. Thank you.


To view our black and white collection or if you have old photos of Ys out and about and want to send them in click here Early Days – The Black & White Era.

12th – 18th September 2015 MG Y Type Loire Trip – more photos to be added shortly.


Photos supplied by Annette CallaghanDSC00179  DSC00183
 DSC00198  DSC00202
 DSC00186  DSC00187
 DSC00190  DSC00194
DSC00193 DSC00220
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Helen's Phone 066Photos supplied by Bill & Helen Bennett IMG_1606
IMG_1604 Helen's Phone 133
Helen's Phone 124 Helen's Phone 109
IMG_1609  Helen's Phone 112
 Helen's Phone 128
Photos supplied by Katherine and Andrew Morlandmg y loire tour 027 mg y loire tour 029 (1)
mg y loire tour 042 mg y loire tour 051
mg y loire tour 100 (2) mg y loire tour 102
mg y loire tour 124 mg y loire tour 047
 Photo’s supplied by Peter V._DSC6401  _DSC6435
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 _DSC6588  _DSC6589
 _DSC6590  first lunch stop

MGCC Lincolnshire Poachers Concours – 16th August 2015
Only two Y types at MGCC Lincolnshire Poachers Concours on 16th August 2015. Both cars won prizes in their class. Although I am sure Chris Pick would be too modest to admit it, but his superb YA was the worthy winner of the Peter Best Insurance Premier Award for best in show. There were many MGs of all classes dating back to the 1930s so this was a very creditable result. My own YB came third in the Elite Class as previous class winners are upgraded to this higher level. Both these Ys attracted lots of interest, it always amazes me the number of people that say that their Father, Uncle, Vicar, Grandad etc owned one back in the day when you consider how few were built between 1947 and 1953!

 IMG_3643  IMG_3644
 IMG_3656  IMG_3672


Bourne Motor Racing Club Car Show 21st June 2015


Bourne Show 21/06/2015

Bourne Show 21/06/2015

Bourne Show 21/06/2015

Bourne Show 21/06/2015

Bourne Show 21/06/2015

Bourne Show 21/06/2015

 MG Car Club Lincolnshire Burghley House Rally Drive Your Classic Day 26th April 2015

MG Car Club Lincolnshire Burghley House Rally Drive Your Classic Day 26th April 2015.

MG Car Club Lincolnshire Burghley House Rally Drive Your Classic Day 26th April 2015.


1st January 2015

YT 2731 at the Coteswold Classic Car Club New Years Day gathering first time at their new club house.





sudely castle 21Sep14

Updated 22nd September 2014




Esme Matilda had a good day out with granddad at Sudeley Castle Classic Car Show in Winchcomb Gloucestershire.

All cars entered had 2 free entry tickets to the castle and grounds.








Updated 9th September 2014

My name is Robert Taylor, at the beginning of June this year, I bought YB0640 UMG 804, from Andrew Maxey. The car was meant to be a prop, we, that’s my wife and I, are into the vintage scene, be it fashions, dances or re-enactment events, even bric-a-brac for the home. The car has joined the valve driven wireless, the Wurlitzer juke box, the GPO landline telephone, one of those finger dial contraptions, that doesn’t have touchtone technology, and a whole plethora of other stuff. The pre-war push bikes are always a talking point. We go to retro weekend events like the Twinwood Festival. Google it if you haven’t heard of it.

Jessica on the Quay 2


Owning a vintage classic is something new to us, and as such, we have started going to one or two classic shows. At first I thought that it was the car that was turning heads, but later realised that no-one gets dressed up in a vintage double breasted suit, completing the outfit with two tone shoes and fedora hat. Fancy upstaging a classic MG, who would have thought?




Jessica on the Quay 3

























Jessica on the Quay 4
Within a day or two of ownership my wife started calling the car: “Jessica.” Why Jessica? I asked her. “Because,” she replied, “like her famous namesake, she’s a redhead, with a great body!”

Amongst many other events, commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we were invited to take Jessica along to Poole Quay for 1940’s event. Our 1952 car was given licence to attend because it had been designed in 1937. Or maybe, having many military vehicles, they were short of one or two war time civilian cars. Whilst there, we bumped into an old photographer friend who had previously photographed my wife’s retirement party. He commented on our car, and then asked if he could drape a model or two over it. The girls were there to promote a 1940’s fashion parade. Of course he could, enclosed are some of the car and some with the girls. I hope you enjoy them.

Kind regards,

Robert Taylor.








Updated 26th August 2014

Peter Vielvoye’s YT at a very soggy Pershore Plum Festival.

YT 2731 Pershore Plum Festival

YT 2731 Pershore Plum Festival





















Updated 18th Aug 2014.

It’s Y 4894 and our records show that the owner is Mr. Don Walkerfrom Nottinghamshire. (at least he was the owner back in 2012) was seen at Middleton Hall, Tamworth on the 17th August 2014.  My beautiful picture

Suzie & Peter Arnell have sent in a report and pictures of their Run in 2011 with the MG Octagon Car Club in North Wales. Y Types Out & About in North Wales. In 2011 the Brooklands MG Era day was enhanced by sunshine and 6 Y Types. Photo’s on a separate Y Types Out & About page.

Y Types Out & About at Brooklands 2011. In 2012 the Brooklands MG Era day was attended by several Y Types. Photos taken by Jack Murray on a separate Y Types Out & About page. Y Types Out & About at Brooklands 2012.

The 2012 Ripon Old Car Show organised by Andrew and Arlene Coulson was well attended by Y Types and photo’s taken by Richard Knight at the event are on a separate Y Types Out & About page. Ripon Old Car Show 2012.


Jerry Birkbeck uses his YT for a wedding.

Yardly Gobian Transport Day Fete 1st June 2013 Brenda Pitman with the help of her brother has got her late husband Les Pitman’s 1952 YB on the road.

My beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture

Llanerchindda Farm Guest House Trip May 2013   YTPVWales2013bLlanerchinddaYT13

The Wheelnuts Classic Car Show April 2013

Peter Vielvoye went on this run which was held in aid of the St Rose’s School Stroud. About 500 cars at the show. vielvoyewheelnuts                     YvetteAber02YvetteAber03

On the 3rd February 2013 hundreds of people took to the streets to mark the 50th Anniversary of an historical Welsh Language Protest in Aberystwyth. Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru producted Y Bont (The Bridge) around the town re-enacting events. Yvette ( UML 237 ) was invited along with 4 other cars to participate and we were parked opposite the Post Office and really felt part of the production.

Suzie Arnell.   PVnyd13Rusty YAb