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AGM Chairman’s report 2013

22nd Annual General Meeting of the
MG Car Club Y Type Register
Sunday 14th April 2013


The Y Register has continued to promote and preserve the MG Y Type by providing an excellent service to Y owning members of the MGCC and it is my pleasure to summarise the activities of the past year.


Committee posts


We welcomed Chris Callaghan to the committee at the last AGM and he has taken on the secretary’s post. Jerry Birkbeck took on the PR roll vacated by David Pelham.




2012 was the 65th anniversary of the first Y type rolling of the production line. Jerry Birkbeck as PR man felt this should not go unmarked and started the year’s celebration by organising a gathering of Y Types in Abingdon town square. This very appropriate venue was well attended and recorded on video where a colourful array of Y types can be seen displayed under the birthday banner that we had made for the occasion.
We again had our Register stand at ‘MG Live’ another opportunity to celebrate with a parade of Y Types in the main arena ably commentated on by Jerry. We also stole the show in the Marquee where Rob King displayed his excellent Y which was under restoration and at a timely pre bodywork stage. Many thanks to Rob for his time and effort spent answering the multitude of question from interested visitors.
Celebrations of our 65th continued at our Spring Run weekend in May in the Forest of Dean. Jerry announced that this was to be his last as organiser. The Spring Run has become our flagship event and has always been looked forward to and enjoyed by all. For this we owe our gratitude to Jerry and Jo. They created a friendly and welcoming event with a unique Y atmosphere which I am sure will continue for many years to come. Chris Callaghan has taken up the challenge for this year’s Run and Dinner, which will be based near Abingdon.
The Y Register had twice before toured Brittany and this year David Pelham took on the task of retracing the past route and organised another superb “Tour de Brittany” for 11 Y types and one TD. The trip has been well recorded in magazines and websites for all to read. Our thanks again to David.
In addition to the two main events of the year there have been groups of Ys meeting up at several other venues’ including the Ripon Old Car Show in July, Brooklands MG Era Day in April and the Macmillan Classic Motor Show at Clandon Park in July.
The Classic Car Show at the NEC was our final opportunity to display our Birthday banner. My newly refurbished YA was displayed on the MGCC stand and Jerry displayed his YT on the Octagon stand.


Dennis Doubtfire


Disappointingly Dennis Doubtfire, founder member and President, felt that due to ill health and his inability to take an active part in Y functions he was unable to continue as president. Our thanks and gratitude to Dennis has been marked by making him a life member of the MGCC and we have named the new trophy for the Car of the year award after him. We have left the position of president open.

Car of the Year Award
With a view to promoting the use of our cars Chris has started a “Car of the Year Award” competition. The winner will be the car that has been adjudged to have been the most used over the year. Details can be found on our website. If you didn’t get round to entering this year be sure to next. The Dennis Doubtfire Trophy will be awarded at this coming years Spring Run.


Ted Gardner has decided to stand down as Web Administrator. Our gratitude and thanks to Ted who took on the site in our time of need. As a complete novice he learnt on the job and has devoted hundreds of hours to the task. Over his tenure he has developed the basic site to an excellent resource for all Y owners.
For technical reasons and In order to make our site more administrable we are having the site rebuilt and the changeover should happen in the near future.


Regalia and Restoration Sales

We have had another successful year of sales. Thanks again to Mike and Sue Silk. We have acquired the original Smiths drawings of the MG Y type Jackall system these can be seen on the website and will be on display at MG Live.




Neil Cairns has continued to give technical advice to Y owners and has added more technical notes to our website.
Neil was asked to act as a consultant to a research project being undertaken by Manchester University students into the effects of modern fuel on the XPAG engine and the MG Car Club Y Type Register has donated £250 to support the initiative. Project progress can be followed on our website.

Y Register


Thanks to Jack Murray for keeping the Y type Register and presenting the latest numbers of new finds. He also provides the ‘Get You Home Scheme’. This is a list of Y owners who are willing to be contacted if you break down in their vicinity. At present we have 98 helpers on the list. If you have ever made use of this service or would like to join the list we would be very interested to know.




We have had a change of representative on the club directors. Paul Smith has been replaced by Julian White. Our thanks to Paul and it was good to welcome Julian at our committee meeting in February.
Many thanks to the staff at Kimber House for their support and help throughout the year. They provide an excellent service and contact with them is always a pleasure.
Neil Cairns aided by myself recently took on the task of servicing Little Gem
Two Y Register committee members have attended each of the two Club Council meetings to represent Y views.

I am pleased to report that the Y Type Register remains in a strong position and continues to be of service to all Y owners in our collective mission to preserve and enjoy the MG Y marque.

Peter Vielvoye
MGCC Y Type Register Chairman.