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MGCC Y-Type Register


The Register’s principal aims are: To promote and encourage the ownership, use, restoration and enjoyment of the MG YA, YB, YT, specials and coachbuilt models; to develop and maintain an up-to-date register and photographic record of cars, whether running, in restoration or consigned to the graveyard; to provide an information service to owners needing spares or technical information and other forms of assistance, worldwide; to source and in some cases, re-manufacture rare components where there is a demand and to develop a range of fact sheets covering frequently requested service and maintenance queries on components, etc, which are specific to the model.


The first MGCC Y Type Register was formed in 1979 by Paul and Margaret Grafham. After a few years they moved on and the register returned to being a subsidiary part of the T Register. The present Y-type Register was officially formed in 1991, two Y-type owners, Dennis Doubtfire and Colin Rea, realised that although the model had been well represented by former registrars, such as the late David Washbourne and the late Jonathan Ogilsby, too many Y-types had been lost to the ravages of the “metal moth” and some would say, misguided, T-type restorers. A higher profile was needed to encourage restoration, wider Y-type ownership and use of the cars in the future. So, the MG Car Club Y-type Register was born and has not looked back. In 1991 we knew of just over 500 cars, in use, being rebuilt or scrapped, today the total is 1888.


Our intention is that this site will give access to all of our services. Please enjoy using the site and we would welcome any contribution you may wish to make to it.


We are part of the MG Car Club Limited and although we encourage MG CAR CLUB MEMBERSHIP our website is open to all who have an interest in Y Types.



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