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Car of the Year Award


The MG Car Club Y Type Register Car of the Year Award


The MG Y Type Register Car of the Year Trophy is awarded annually to the owner of the car which has been most active, and performed most creditably in the widest possible selection of events and meetings, throughout the preceding year.


J&PStiperstones[1]The award will be presented annually at the Silverstone International Meeting and is open to all YAs YBs and YTs registered with the MG Y Type Register. A valid road fund licence must be displayed and a current MOT should be available if requested.


Points are awarded as detailed below with the standings being kept by the award secretary, however it is the entrants responsibility to ensure that their car is registered and entered for the trophy, and to ensure all events entered together with their results, are sent to the Award Secretary. Please claim your points as soon as possible, any claims not filed within three months of the meeting may not be considered.


The Award Secretary is Chris Callaghan who’s security protected email address is at the bottom of the points system list at the bottom of this page.


Silverstone2005[1]Point scoring system.
All MGCC organised events count for points.

Events include:

– Concours (including Pride of Ownership)

– Racing (including High Speed Trials)

– Driving Tests (including Gymkhanas)

– Trials (‘Classic’ or P.C.T.)

– Rallies (including road runs)

– Auto-cross

– Sprints

– Hillclimbs

– Marshalling/Organising


For each event entered started and finished: 3 points (1 extra point if the car is driven to the meeting).


My beautiful pictureAll social meetings, main club, centre or register organised will earn points. In addition if there are competitions within these meetings these too attract points. e.g. road run, gymkhana, pride of ownership, treasure hunt or concours d’elegance.


For each event entered started and finished: 3 points


All local events organised either by a centre or local natter group earn points:

1 point for each event entered and started.


Members who are involved with an event as an official either as an event organiser, team member or marshal can claim points if they use their Y type on the day: 3 points.

Please register your car with the Car of the Year Award Secretary Chris Callaghan at this email address :

Subsequently when participants wish to claim points then this is also the email address to use.

( Note . To reveal any email addresses which have been security protected please hover your mouse over the light blue dots before the @ in the truncated email displayed and left click. Then follow the instructions to obtain the full address.)