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The Classic Y Magazine



Brought to you by
The International MG Y Type Register and the MG Car Club Y Type Register
in mutual cooperation.

Among the first – if not the first – to promote the preservation and appreciation of Y Types internationally was John Lawson. In 1978 John formed and then ran the MG Y Type Register. John also authored the first book there ever was called simply ‘MG Y Saloons and Tourers’. (Now available on DVD from the International Y Type Register as it is out of print and expensive though not impossible to obtain in book form. The MGCC Y Type Register Shop tries to keep pre-owned copies on sale too.) John provided his members with monthly magazines called ‘The Classic Y’ which was produced using the technology that was available to him.
These have been reproduced below in PDF format. Sometimes the originals we obtained were good, sometimes not so good. Some of the information contained in them has now been improved on in other places, but “this is where you saw it first folks”. This collection provides the MG Y owner with historical source documentation. Certainly, every current MG Y owner owes much to John’s foresight into appreciating our great cars. The originals used to make these PDFs have come from the collections of Paul Barrow, David Mullen and Mike Silk.

The reproduction of The Classic Y is brought to you as a joint venture between the MGCC MG Y Type Register of the UK ( and the International MG Y Type Register ( Information in the original publications included personal contact details such as addresses and telephone numbers which Mike Silk (who holds the copyright to ‘The Classic Y’ from John Lawson) thought should not be shown to avoid any problems for the current property owners or telephone account holders. The redactions unfortunately do not make the end result visually elegant, but wherever possible, sufficient information remains to give an indication of where the car concerned was located. We hope that you understand the reasoning behind the decision. If you need to know anything about a car that you own or have an interest in, provided we feel it is justified, we will consider releasing an unredacted copy of the relevant page or a summary of any missing information that might be of help to you. Please contact Mike Silk.

The reproduction of ‘The Classic Y’ has been made possible thanks to the joint efforts of Paul Barrow (IMGYTR) in creating and redacting the PDF files, and Mike Silk (MGCC Y Type Register) creating PDF files, proof reading and approving the redactions. We hope that you will enjoy reading about the early years of growth in Y Type interest.


John Lawson



Volume 1  1978/9
Issue No 1 Feb 1978 Issue No 2 March 1978 Issue No 3 April 1978
Issue No 4 May 1978 Issue No 5 June 1978 Issue No 6 July 1978
Issue No 7 August 1978 Issue No 8 Sept 1978 Issue No 9 Oct 1978
Issue No 10 Nov 1978 Issue No 11 Dec 1978 Issue No 12 Jan 1979


Volume 2  1979/80
Issue No 13 Feb 1979 Issue No 14 March 1979 Issue No 15 April 1979
Issue No 16 May 1979 Issue No 17 June 1979 Issue No 18 July 1979
Issue No 19 Aug 1979 Issue No 20 Sept 1979 Issue No 21 Oct 1979
Issue No 22 Nov 1979 Issue No 23 Dec 1979 Issue No 24 Jan 1980


Volume 3  1980/81
Issue No 25 Feb 1980 Issue No 26 March 1980 Issue No 27 April 1980
Issue No 28 May 1980 Issue No 29 June 1980 Issue No 30 July 1980
Issue No 31 August 1980 Issue No 32 Sept 1980 Issue No 33 Oct 1980
Issue No 34 Nov 1980 Issue No 35 Dec 1980 Issue No 36 January 1981


Volume 4  1981/82
Issue No 37 Feb 1981 Issue No 38 March 1981 Issue No 39 April 1981
Issue No 40 May 1981 Issue No 41 June 1981 Issue No 42 July 1981
Issue No 43 Aug 1981 Issue No 44 Sept 1981 Issue No 45 Oct 1981
Issue No 46 Nov 1981 Issue No 47 Dec 1981 Issue No 48 Jan 1982


Volume 5 1982/83
Issue No 49 Feb 1982 Issue No 50 April 1982 Issue No 51 June 1982
Issue No 52 Aug 1982 Issue No 53 Oct 1982 Issue No 54 Dec 1982


Volume 6  1983/84
Issue No 55 Feb 1983 Issue No 56 April 1983 Issue No 57 June 1983
Issue No 58 Aug 1983 Issue No 59 Oct 1983 Issue No 60 Dec 1983


Volume 7 1984/85
Issue No 61 Feb 1984 Issue No 62 April 1984 Issue No 63 June 1984
Issue No 64 Aug 1984 Issue No 65 Oct 1984 Issue No 66 Dec 1984


Volume 8 1985/86
Issue No 67 Feb 1985 Issue No 68 April 1985 Issue No 69 June 1985
Issue No 70 Aug 1985 Issue No 71 Oct 1985 Issue No 72 Dec 1985