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If you have a technical problem it will be worth checking through previous answers to see if your problem has come up before. All the previous questions and answers are recorded under this title.

Data Sheets 
To download a free copy of any of the following Data Sheets please click HERE.  This will take you the Y Register Shop where you can also take a look at the various Publications, Restoration Items and Regalia that the Register produce and market.
Data Sheet 1- Steering Column Electrics Data Sheet 2- Fitting a Heat Shield
Data Sheet 3- Fitting Flashing Indicators (by Jack Murray) Data Sheet 4 – Fitting Flashing Indicators (by Neil Cairns)
Data Sheet 5- The Y Type Pedal Box Data Sheet 6 – The Y Type Service Data
Data Sheet 7 – The Smiths Jackall System Data Sheet 8 – Trafficator Semaphore Arms
Data Sheet 9 – Fitting an Alternator
Introduction & Buyers’ Guides
An Introduction to the MG Y Series The DNA of an MG Y Type
So you want to buy a ‘Y’ Type YA or YB, That is the Question
Original Y-Type Brochure Registration Information
No Microchips Here Y Ledger Records
YA/YT & YB Brakes ( In Old Age ) YA & YB Hand Brakes
Fitting Disc Brakes to a Y Type Relining Y Type Brake Shoes
Y Type Brake Hoses
The Anti-Roll Bar Rear Suspension-Leaf Springs
Telescopic Dampers on a Y Type A Guide to Servicing the Anti Roll Bar on a YB
MGA – MGB – Y Type Suspension (front)
Jackall Repairs
Jackall Repairs Original Jackall Drawings
Jackall Data Sheets Fitting a Jackall ram seal
Electrics and Ignition
Fitting a Battery Y-Type Trafficator Switch
Help Sheets – Fitting Modern LED indicators Diagram of the distances various lights,
flashers and reflectors need to be on a car
Y Type Starter Motors
Back Axle
The Big Nut on a YB – Rear Axle  YA & T Differentials
Bodywork and Trim
The Y Type Achilles Heel – Windscreen pillars Fitting a New Windscreen Seal
Fitting New Door Draught Excluder Refurbishing Door Cards
Y Type Bonnet Catches Sunroof Seal
Fitting the MG Y Type Bonnet  Y Type Window Winding cable – repair
Fitting Coverdale Carpets
Greasing a Y Type Y Type Servicing Sheets
Threads British Cars 1950 – Specifications
Alternative Parts Listing Fitting an XPAW Engine
A Simple Carburettor Bowl Repair Annoying MG Noises
A List of Negatives in the Cowley Archives – Update
The XPAG Files
Manchester XPAG Project – Update  A Cheap XPAG Leak Fix
XPAG Engine Temperatures and Cooling XPAG Overheating
XPAG Overheating or Vaporisation? XPAG Water Flow-Cooling
The ‘X’ Factor-Origins of the XPAG XPAG (And other Nuffield) Gearbox & Axle Ratios
XPAG Casting Numbers XPAG Technical Data and Modifications List with Torque Wrench settings and Casting numbers
XPAG Warming Up Times
The XPAG Oil System Drip, Drip, Drip (The “70 year” old XPAG)
XPAG Cam-followers XPAG Questions – Piston Speed
XPAG Camshaft Checking XPAG Valve Stem Seals
XPAG Clatter XPAG – Round or Oval Holes in Head Gasket?
Fuel Additives and More Problems – Ethanol MG Engines History by Neil Cairns
Rebuilds and Restorations
Engine Rebuilds  Restorations
Gearbox Rebuild
Neil’s Jottings: Facebook Updates