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agm chairman’s report 2016

25th Annual General Meeting of the

MG Car Club Y Type Register

Saturday 7th May 2016




Having tried various venues and time slots for our AGM and only had the committee in attendance, we are now trying our Spring Run Weekend when we know members are around. Welcome to any of you who have made it to this meeting.


We are losing two members from the committee Annette Callaghan who has been a past treasurer and has been running the website and Bill Bennett who has been our treasurer for the past year. Many thanks to them both for their valued service. We now are looking for a new treasurer and a website administrator.


However I am pleased to say that Peter Sharp has joined the committee and is making a valued cotribution. We would very much appreciate new nominations for the committee.



The last Spring Run was pre last year’s AGM but I can report that the Register enjoyed an excellent weeks tour to the Loire Valley very ably organised by Peter and Gillie Sharp.


This year we look forward to another long weekend based at Llanerchindda Farm in Mid Wales.

Chris Pick has continued to organise the annual gathering of Ys in the North which is now held at the Doncaster Classic Car and Bike Show.


A new event that we have committed to attend this year is the Rare Breeds Tour and Car Show near Newbury.


This year’s theme at MG Live is Heritage and Slater Reynolds has agreed to show his YA which is one of the very earliest Ys off the production line and is in excellent original condition.


Jack Murray

As a token of our thanks we have presented Jack Murray with a Thank You Trophy in the form of a rosewood letter Y mounted on an appropriately inscribed octagonal base. Molly tells me Jacks health is deteriorating and I have sent our best wishes.


Registration and Membership

Our Register activities are open to all Y owners so it is very gratifying when an owner turns round and says “I really enjoyed being part of this event, I think I will join the club”. This happily has happened on a couple of occasions this year.


We are revising our welcome strategy to new members and in future all new members will receive a Welcome Pack in a printed Y Register folder.


Last August I started sending out a monthly Chairman’s News email this has been well received and compliments our website, our facebook page and our Safety Fast notes. I am very conscious that there are still many members whom I do not have an email address for, please contact me through the website if you know of members email addresses or would like to join the list. I am also building up a list of none members emails so that I can make contact occasionally.


Little Gem

The future of the YA owned by the main club and affectionately known as Little Gem has come into question. The directors of the club feel it is time Little Gem had a new owner and after some controversy have consulted the Y register as to how this should be done. We are looking for suggestions and ideas that we can put to the directors.


Y Register Shop

Our shop continues to thrive under the management of Mike and Sue Silk. We have introduced several new products that are not obtainable elsewhere and we are always looking for suggestions for new products. However as the administration of the shop has grown Mike has asked for help and we would be very grateful for any assistance in the running of the shop.


I am pleased to report that the MGCC Y Type Register remains in a strong position and continues to be of service to all Y owners. We receive a regular stream of emails and phone calls from Y enthusiasts and prospective owners asking for help and advice and we always do our best to ensure they are suitably answered. Our mission to preserve and enjoy the MG Y marque goes on.


Peter Vielvoye

Chairman MGCC Y Type Register