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agm chairman’s report 2015

24th Annual General Meeting of the

MG Car Club Y Type Register

Sunday 20th June 2015



For the last two years our AGM has only been attended by the committee so it was agreed that we would hold this year’s AGM during the MG Live weekend in an effort to entice members to attend. It has also meant that all committee members have a chance to be in attendance. Because of this the meeting is taking place a couple of months later than usual.


In addition to the AGM we hold three other meetings through the year at Kimber House where we make use of the Skype facilities enabling our more distant members to take part. Our committee is down to the bare minimum at present and volunteers to join us would be very welcome. This year we welcomed Bill Bennett to the committee and he has agreed to take over as Treasurer. Annette Callaghan is standing down and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her hard work over the last couple of years especially for bringing our register accounts into line with the main club accounts. Annette is remaining on the committee to continue to administer our website.


The register website continues to develop and it is now supported by our Facebook Page. It has been set up by Neil Cairns, he regularly posts a wide range of interesting and informative pages and it has become a ‘must go to’ place for all Y owners.


We have had two Spring Runs since the last AGM one in Hampshire and more recently one in Staffordshire. It was hoped that moving further north would attract more Ys from the more northerly counties but in fact entry numbers dropped. Next year we hope a return to the Cotswolds will boost our numbers. Many thanks to Chris and Annette Callaghan for all their efforts in organising these events.

Last July saw a Y register tour of Wales. Our weekend based at Llanerchindda Farm was an outstanding success. Unfortunately four Ys for various reasons failed to turn up but were replaced by their owner’s modern cars. All the eight Ys and one TD that did arrive sailed through the weekend with nothing but a few splashes of oil and a puncture. Everyone was overwhelmed by the location organisation and hospitality and requests to re book were made by all.


Peter Sharp has taken on the organisation of a tour of Ys to the Loire Valley in France in September, 11 cars are booked in and all eagerly await the experience.


Our thanks to Chris Pick who has taken over the annual gathering of Ys in the North and it is now held at the Doncaster Classic Car and Bike Show.


Last summer I made contact with Paul and Maggie Grafham as it came to light that Paul and Maggie had established the first independent Y Register back in the late 70s. We met up at a Garden centre halfway between our bases and had a very interesting chat over coffee. The eventual outcome was that they agreed to speak at our Spring Run dinner and they gave a very interesting talk about Y Types in the 70s and 80s and kept us amused with stories of their eccentric life style.


They have also stepped in and rescued three Y chassis and bodies from Holland as they intend to resurrect there interest in restoring Ys. So welcome back Paul and Maggie to the Y fraternity. I am pleased to report that the Y Type Register remains in a strong position and continues to be of service to all Y owners. We receive a regular stream of emails and phone calls from Y enthusiasts and prospective owners asking for help and advice, we always do our best to ensure they are suitably answered. Our mission to preserve and enjoy the MG Y marque goes on.


Peter Vielvoye

Chairman MGCC Y Type Register