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Recently we were contacted by Natalie Pollard who found our name with help from the MG Car Club, and also from Peter Vielvoye and Jack Murray of The MGCC Y Type Register.

Natalie’s father will be aged 80 in December 2013 and Natalie wished to arrange a special treat. Natalie’s father Brian Hull often talks about his first car which he loved more than any other car he subsequently owned, and that car was a MG Y Type Saloon.

Brian Hull remembers his car as being maroon and since we lived locally to Brian we were approached to drive our maroon Y Type over to Brian’s home on the 1st December as a surprise and further to take him on to his local golf club where unknown to him a large number of family and friends had gathered to celebrate his forthcoming birthday. Brian and the Y Type made quite an entrance !

Of course it gave my wife and I great pleasure to show our Y Type to Brian and to rekindle special memories. What was even more fascinating was that Brian well remembered the registration number of his Y Type being DBL 601 and of which he has kept a number of photographs.. Remarkably DBL 601 was one of the first two post war prototype Y Types and was manufactured in 1946 being the year before Y Types entered full production. The car features in a number of MG books. including “Let There be Y’s” by David Lawrence and also in Anders Clausager’s “MG Saloon Cars”. DBL 601 was made in two tone green so she must have been re-sprayed before coming into Brian’s ownership. Interestingly Brian is certain that the front wings on DBL 601 were made of aluminium. Sadly it seems DBL 601 no longer exists. Brian sold the car to his brother but thereafter he has no history of the car.

So an interesting tale, I hope, of two Y Types. DBL 601 being one of the first YA’s and our GJB 576, chassis number 6658, being one of the last YA’s.


Francis and Jan Smith

 DBL 601c  DBL 601b  DBL 601a
 Francis Smith yet again  Francis Smith and Brian Hull  Francis Smith again