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Alf Luckman

Alf Luckman 1933-2010


It was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of our great friend and Y register colleague, Alf Luckman.


Anyone who met or contacted Alf would have been aware of his boundless enthusiasm for old cars and Y Types in particular


Anybody seeking information or parts was never turned away, if Alf could not help then he knew a man who could. All would be conducted with a laugh and a joke, that was his trademark.


I first contacted Alf some 15 years ago and we traded endless letters and parcels from then on, often re-using the same envelope. One in particular must have done about 20 backwards and forwards.


We eventually met some 5 years ago when after much prompting, my wife and I spent an enjoyable holiday in Oz. When we landed at Sydney Airport we were met by Alf and Dot waving banners, “Poms go Home” and “YA’s are Best”. Wonderful humour that will be sadly missed by all of us.


Alf was also a founder member of the Worshipful Tribe of Shedders of which he was Arch Deacon, Ar Chi.


I feel sure that I speak for everyone in offering our sympathy to his wife Dot, daughter Janine, son Graham, daughter in Law Rachel and granddaughter Mia.





The above is tribute from Dennis Doubtfire (president MGCC Y Register) and pictures supplied by Ted Gardner from his visit to Alf in October 2008