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jack murray


I had some very sad news from Mollie Murray to say that Jack had died yesterday (24th May 2016). He was 70.


All of us who own, or have owned, an MG Y Type will of course have known Jack either at the end of a phone or by e-mail and when he and Mollie attended Events with their wonderful YA. He was also at the majority of our Spring Runs and was ever present on the Y Register Stand at MG Silverstone, almost always with Mollie. He was a fountain of knowledge about everything Y and had been Registrar of the MGCC Y Register since its (re)formation in 1991. His records are the most comprehensive of any register of the Y including extensive information, photographs, ownership and other details of each car that he came across from his worldwide correspondents.


Jack met Mollie at Teacher Training College (as they were then known) in Coventry during the mid 1960’s. Although trained to cover most disciplines Jack was primarily an Art Teacher and as most of us know he was a very creative and inspired individual with a marvellous eye for detail. Many are fortunate to have received the brilliant and individually styled Christmas Cards that he sent. These featured a drawing of each persons Y, suitably styled with Christmas Festivities and the inevitable Father Christmas, his reindeers and of course Jack’s wry message.


Jack completely rebuilt his YA (UMG 290) over six years from September 1986 and took time out to attend evening classes in a range of skills necessary to undertake the project. These included welding, metal fabrication, mechanical and electrical engineering, spraying, upholstery and carpentry. Whilst certainly he possessed some of these abilities Jack was always willing to extend his knowledge.


Mollie and his two daughters Charlotte and Rebecca all played a fundamental role in Jack’s life and they were all fortunate to be present at the end. Their loss is immeasurable and to all of them we pass on our love. Those who knew Jack were fortunate enough to have met someone who helped change their lives and a part of him will always be in the Y Types that they own or have owned.


Thank you Jack, our memories of you will not be dimmed by the passing of time and for all it has been a huge honour and pleasure to have known you.