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MG Live 2012 – Report & Pictures

mglive2012logobbmglive2012logobbOver the weekend of 23rd and 24th of June the annual pageant that is MG Live was held at Silverstone. Rob King’s partly rebuilt YA featured in the display in the main marquee which this year had as it’s theme a depiction of an early MG garage and showroom.



The MGCC Y Register would like to thank Rob King for his tremendous contribution to MG Live. We are sure Rob realises his rolling chassis was a great success and was definitely the star of the show. The fact that Rob spent so much time talking to so many interested enthusiasts made it all the more worthwhile.


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Below are some of the photographs of the Y Register attendance at Silverstone MG Live on 23rd & 24th June including the YA Chassis and running gear that Rob King very kindly provided and answered questions on.


Part of the Y Register Committee is shown on the stand in the Main Marquee beneath the 65th Anniversary of the Y Type banner. From left to right they are Jerry Birkbeck, Mike and Sue Silk who look after Regalia and Sales and not paying attention is Neil Cairns who writes so many of our interesting articles.


Silver1102b Silverstone12317
Silverstone12316 My beautiful picture
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My beautiful picture MG Live 2012


Photographs copyright the contributors.