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Tony Stock – May 2014

The sad death of Tony Stock, at the end of May, was recently announced. Tony was a well known character in the MG world and the MGCC in particular. He and his wife Jill were enthusiastic users of a wide range of MG’s, that included over the years a TC, a VA tourer. a Y and YT as well as a London Bus! Tony delved into the world of Y ownership during the early 70’s, when he and the family lived in Warwickshire. I recently spoke to Simon and met William, two of his sons, shortly after Tony’s passing. Both of whom had very fond memories of the range of MG’s that they grew up with, drove and which were used as everyday transport. There was an excellent contribution in Safety Fast a while ago from Tony about a years daily use of a TC This included every activity from ferrying the children to undertaking the weekly supermarket trip. A very revealing and worthy advice on the daily use of a 45 year old car.


Tony and Jill moved to Torpoint in Cornwall several years ago and in 2002 they acquired a YT, chassis no YTEXR 2617, which had been rebuilt by John French in the 1970’s. This was originally owned by a character with very English name of John Urbane Bull, a coffee planter from Kenya. On his retirement he purchased the car in 1949 new in dollars directly from the MG Car Company with red bodywork He was also a contributor to `Autocar’ and `Motor’ the two principal motoring magazines of the day in which his YT experiences were occasional included. The fascinating point about Tony’s YT, which I included in a recent issue of SF) is that it is one of only three that, at the time, remained in the UK as the majority were exported to the Empire!


Tony and Jill used the YT for everyday transport – a very refreshing attitude compared with those who just bring their classic out on a summer’s day.


I sadly never met Tony who would have been present at the Register’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2007 but had a very rare breakdown on the way to Charlecote, Warwickshire where the event was held.


We all send our condolences to Jill and the family and are thinking of them during these difficult times.


Jerry Birkbeck