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2014 Update – Y TYPE REGISTER
The MG One and a Quarter Litre Series Y and YB cars were the MG Car Company’s first sporting saloons to be produced after the Second World War. Production started in 1947 and continued until 1953 when the model was replaced by the larger ZA Magnette. The Series YT open tourer was introduced in 1948 and continued until 1950, most were exported to Australasia and the USA. The car was well equipped, had contemporary performance, comfortable ride and excellent handling. It was and still is great fun to own and drive. You can take the family along to those rainy MG events and keep them dry too!
The Y-type Register of the MG Car Club was officially formed in 1991, having been a subsidiary part of the T Register for many years. Two Y-type owners, Dennis Doubtfire and Colin Rea, realised that although the model had been well represented by former registrars, such as the late David Washbourne and the late Jonathan Qgilsby, too many Y-types had been lost to the ravages of the “metal moth” and some would say, misguided, T-type restorers. A higher profile was needed to encourage restoration, wider Y-type ownership and use of the cars in the future. So, the MG Car Club Y-type Register was born and has not looked back. In 1991 we knew of just over 500 cars, in use, being rebuilt or scrapped, today the total is near 1876.
Over the first ten to fifteen years, the Register saw a remarkable growth in the interest of MG enthusiasts, for the Y-type models. Cars emerged as “barn finds” and many home restoration projects were started (some were even finished!). Many cars have been restored to regular, even daily use and several are currently known to be still under restoration both in the UK and other countries. Sale prices stayed at reasonable and eminently affordable levels for many years. Only in the last five years or so, has there been a noticeable increase in values and particularly in the case of the rarer YT tourer, where recent UK auction sales have realised winning bids close to £30,000!
In 1997 the Y-type celebrated its Golden Jubilee and as recognition of the efforts of its committee and members, the Y-type Register became only the second register ever to be awarded the MG Car Club’s premier trophy, The Nuffield Gold Cup.
Flushed with this success and despite the cars being old (and some of their owner’s even more so!), the Register then moved with the times and established it’s first presence on the Internet with a website dedicated to the Y-type. The latest MG Car Club Y-Type Register website can be viewed at:
The Register actively supports principal MG Car Club events in the UK and visitors will always find that a warm welcome awaits them on visiting its stand.
“The Birth of the Y Run”, held near Leamington Spa in 1997, with an attendance of thirty-nine immaculate cars, possibly holds the all-time record for attendance at a UK event. The success of this event was the catalyst for the series of annual and very popular “Spring Runs” which have become a feature of Register life, ever since.
The Register has found that many members prefer to take part in organised runs, rather than static events. Six successful Y¬type only touring holidays, to Brittany (three times), the Yorkshire Dales, Luxembourg and The Netherlands have been organised on behalf of the Register and have been immensely enjoyable experiences for those taking part. These tours have a further dimension in that they encourage participation by owners of cars that live outside of the UK and enhance the international dimension of Register activity.
The Register’s principal aims are: To promote and encourage the ownership, use, restoration and enjoyment of the MG YA, YB, YT, specials and coachbuilt models; to develop and maintain an up-to-date register and photographic record of cars, whether running, in restoration or consigned to the graveyard; to provide an information service to owners needing spares or technical information and other forms of assistance, worldwide; to source and in some cases, remanufacture rare components where there is a demand and to develop a range of fact sheets covering frequently requested service and maintenance queries on components, etc., which are specific to the model.
The future? The Register will continue to develop further its knowledge and records of cars in use or under restoration, will further promote and support the continued use of Y-types and increase it’s contacts in the MG community worldwide!

BRIAN MOYSE YB owner and past committee member


See below for some photos of club members at events out and about

The MGCC Y Register is the the most active register dedicated to Y types; see below some photo’s taken by members of past events.


The register extends a warm invitation to all owners to come along and enjoy the meetings.


Cherbourg Peninisular

Ireland 2007

Ardennes 2006

Ardennes 2006

Spring Run 2006