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Spring Run 2011 in the Peak District.

The Y Register annual Spring Weekend and Run was successfully held this year in the Peak District being organised by Jerry & Jo Birkbeck and below can be seen some of the photographs so far sent to the website for inclusion.


Thanks to the following for contributing photographs so far: Chris Pick, Suzie Arnell, Neil Cairns, Jack Murray, Ted Gardner.


Jerry Birkbeck has written an article describing the processes of organisation which he together with Jo accomplished in order to provide the participants with a memorable weekend.


This is on a separate page to be found here : The Spring Run 2011 – An Organisers Perspective.


On this page there are captions visible when hovering your mouse arrow over each picture.


The first article entitled ‘2011 MGCC Y Register Spring Run.’ is by none other than Neil Cairns.We set off about mid-morning from Bedfordshire for a long weekend in the Derbyshire Dales, a new venue for us. It was Friday the 13th so we were being very brave in travelling in an ancient MG saloon car but I had already planned the trip along ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads to avoid busy motorways. The trip was relatively easy using the A5 Watling Street, A444, A50 then A515; the only time we became worried about getting lost was in the very sinuous roads around Burton-Upon-Trent.We seemed to be doubling-back on ourselves all the time following the signs for the A515, typical of a town with no modern by-pass. We stopped at Sudley Hall for lunch, as we often plan in a National Trust property into our trips because they do good meals as we get in free as members. Another stop was made in  Ashbourne but here we noticed how much colder it was than in sunny Bedfordshire. Having growled up and down a number of steep hills we finally arrived at the Charles Cotton Hotel in Hartington after a five hour, 120 mile journey. There is the difference between a modern car using motorways, and an old car using ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads having to traverse towns en-route. But we were in no hurry and enjoyed the trip and its views.

Saturday prior to the dinner we visited Buxton and found it even colder, just above freezing in fact. This little market town is quite high up. I, as usual, had been listening to every knock and rattle that ancient XPAG engine generated and to calm my nerves about any imminent big ends going I purchased a tin of RedEx oil additive from the tiny garage in Hartington, this was to thicken up the oil. It only cost me a fiver as it was very old stock. The engine still rattled away but I felt better.



That evening was the MGCC Y Register Spring Run Annual Dinner and the Charles Cotton Hotel’s dining room was filled with keen owners of the Y Type. Once the meal was over the organiser, Jerry Birkbeck, gave a speech. It seems the committee were pleased with the efforts I had made over the last fourteen years as the Register Scribe, and a very embarrassed me went forward to accept a delightful picture of my own YB with a Leighton Buzzard Railway train running alongside. My other hobby is as a volunteer on this narrow gauge railway.


The Sunday was the day of the Spring Run and the rear car park of the hotel soon filled with twenty odd ancient MG Y Types and a couple of ‘T’ Types (and a Montego).


At 11 o’clock the cars began to set off on a 38 miles trip around the dales, mostly in Dovedale. Jerry had issued a ‘tulip’ styled guide and it was not long before the group began to fragment as wrong turnings were made. The trip was to culminate at the Crick Tramway Museum only about twelve miles as the crow flies from Hartington, but much further the way Jerry had planned.


Janet, my wife, did our navigating. It came close to domestic arguments at times, but she was proved correct and where having crossed it we waited patiently at a river ford to take photos of other cars traversing it, I was surprised to find five of them approach in the wrong direction. They had taken a wrong turn and seeing us at the ford, assumed we were about to go across it. Part of the run had been along a disused railway track-bed that had been tarmac surfaced, it has to be admitted the tulip diagrams were a little confusing there. Anyway, we eventually all arrived at the Tram Museum and the drivers were admitted free of charge and passenger paying a reduced entry fee. We were parked along their cobbled street to be displayed with the trams out in use. As an extra attraction the collection of old MG’s added to the display for the visitors. As we had arrived just after 1pm, the cafe was packed with people drinking hot soup to fight off the cold.


4pm saw the prizes being awarded and we then parted and set off home. There were no breakdowns, a record for a Spring Run, the only fault reported was a tiny fuel leak from Alan Chicks car on a screw on the fuel tank contents panel. The standard of the cars continues to rise every year and they are certainly a good advert for the longevity of the Y Type. It was time to leave so this time I used the M1 as it was a Sunday and it was none too busy, the return trip only taking three hours!


Once again Jerry and Jo Birkbeck had pulled off an excellent weekend with a nice hotel, and interesting run and a posh end, and a very interesting bunch of people all of whom are easily approachable. The picture given me now hangs proudly in our lounge.


Neil Cairns.


The Awards were presented to the following:

Roy Clapham, the NTG Cup for the YA most would have liked to take home.

David Hilliam, the Bill Atkinson Cup for the YB most would have liked to take home.

Mike Silk, the YT Cup for the YT most would have liked to take home.

Chris Pick the ‘Piston Broke’ award, not sure what that was for but perhaps someone would enlighten us.


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