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It’ll Fit an MG Mate!


Doing technical advice soon shows up areas that need extra care, and one that has (again) raised its head is engine identification. Imagine you are at an autojumble, or a garage sale, and you spy a rather dusty, dirty engine seemingly going for a song. Upon closer examination it appears to you to be very, very similar to your own MG engine. Do you take the risk? Do you know how to confirm that it is indeed an XPAG; do you know just how many other Morris engines look just like an XPAG? Whilst that sitting in that garage may not be expensive, the one on the stall at that autojumble may well purport to be an XPAG and carry a suitable price tag.

The vendor comes over to you having noted your interest in the engine, “ It’ll fit an MG mate” he says. He is right, it will drop straight into a TB, TC, YA and YT; it will also fit into a YB, TD, and TF if the clutch plate is swapped for the later one. BUT if you had looked closely at that engine, on its cylinder head was the part number ‘22952’ or ‘22812’ and on the cylinder block just under the tappet chest was ‘22500’ or ‘24144’. Did you not notice that the inlet and exhaust manifolds were not like your car’s (the chap on the autojumble stall had removed them because he knew…). You have found a Morris Ten Series ‘M’ 1140cc engine, also fitted to the Wolseley Ten/4; it looks externally identical to an XPAG, but they are a XPJM and XPJW. They only push out about 35bhp, their internals are not as

beefed up as the XPAG of the MG so little is interchangeable, (though the 22952 cylinder head is useable ONLY IF you bore out the valves to fit the bigger MG ones). The block could be used and can be bored out to the bigger XPAG size, BUT you may well break into the water passages; saveable by fitting liners. Pistons, con-rods and crank are no use to us. The camshaft will fit an XPAG but is of a far too mild tune. Oil pump will fit the early engines, as will the timing chain and sprockets and cover. Note the casting numbers in the attached photos, they are all of a XPJM. Only early XPAGs had the ‘MG’ motif cast in under the dynamo.