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YT 4458

Owner Edward Vandyke

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The owner is Mike Brown and he lives in Warwickshire.

History pre 1962 is not known the accepted position was that it was exported to Holland in 1950 but the Dutch registration site only recognises it from 03/08/1962 when it was first registered there. it must have gone somewhere else before that but I cannot ascertain where.
In 2001 it was imported to the UK and it has had an assortment of owners, 6 including me since then. I acquired the vehicle on the 30/07/12 and in Jan 2013 started the strip and rebuild completing it and getting an MOT in December 2013. The photo’s I have sent are taken in Dec 2013 and there have been minor additions and improvements since then, rocker cover breather is now as per factory fit, not the flex pipe and HMSL has been fitted. This vehicle is an EXR/K one of the 6 RHD kilo meter speedo cars all of which are accounted for.

 TY4162  YT4162  YT4162


Mike Brown from Warwickshire

History: I cannot find very much history on this vehicle I do know it was made mid 1949 probably August and it was in Hong Kong in 1982, I have the tax disk from the windscreen. I cannot ascertain where it went after manufacture, its Hong registration number XX1303 suggests it did not go there initially as the number series was used in the mid 50’s.
That’s really as much as I know, I bought it in June 2014 and will restore it over the winter of 2014/15. It will need registering and an age related number issued.




About Peter Vielvoye


Having spent my student years in the early sixties driving dodgy old bangers my entry into the world of work was heralded by the purchase of a pretty little black saloon MG Y type MDG 982.



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Owner and Location.

Tony & Jill Stock, Cornwall, England.


Date of First Registration.

20th April 1949.


Chassis Number : YTEXR 2617


History of Car.


MGNYE2010004YT2617e Registered from new in UK, by first owner John Urbane Bull, a coffee planter from Kenya on his retirement, having purchased the car in dollars directly from MG Car Co. (bodywork originally red).


Passed through several owners in late 50’sand 60’s according to the original brown log book which we have (advertised by one of them in “Motor Sport” April 1968 for £35 – on the same page as a 1938 VA Tourer EHY129, which we actually purchased at that time for £170, and subsequently ran for 12 years).


Bought in early 70’s by John Finch, who restored KLU387 over a number of years, and was a successful concours entrant from 1980 onwards.


MG80YT2617cAdvertised in August 2002 in “Safety Fast”, and used continuously since then as regular everyday transport, (although we do have a ZR 105+ as back up!).


KLU has kept fairly well over the past 30 years and the only problems have been a starter motor chucking its pinion adrift on several occasions and the brake pedal cross-shaft stripping its splines.



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Jerry & Jo’s YT

Chassis No YT4372
Manufactured January 1950
Exported to USA

Shipped to New York State in Spring 1950 through Canada
Two owners in New York State – 1950 -1953 and 1953 -1999
Third owner in Massachusetts 1999-2009
Imported into UK November 17 2009

Owned by Jerry and Jo Birkbeck


About Jerry:

Semi-retired Town Planner and Landscape Architect. This YT is the third Y that I have owned and certainly the most interesting and rarest. It’s very original though I have had the seats recovered and renewed the trim. Great fun to drive and I look forward to putting a few miles on her. I enjoy all classic cars but MG’s are my passion and we also own a TA that has been with us for over 12 years. I am involved with a local rugby club, play a bit of tennis. Act for a murder mystery company and do all the stuff with family and our young grandaughter – quite a full life!



YT 5037






















Owner: Andrew Morland from Somerset.