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YB Owners (2)


MG YB 4249



Registration number JDG 560

Owned by the Cotswold motoring museum and toy collection – owned and run by the civil service motoring association (CSMA)

 Y type JDG 560

YB0640                       Jessica on the Quay 2

Owners and location

Robert Taylor Dorset England


Date of First Registration

1952  UMG 804


History of Car

Previously owned by Andrew Maxey


At the beginning of June this year, I bought YB0640 UMG 804, from Andrew Maxey. The car was meant to be a prop, we, that’s my wife and I, are into the vintage scene, be it fashions, dances or re-enactment events, even bric-a-brac for the home. The car has joined the valve driven wireless, the Wurlitzer juke box, the GPO landline telephone, one of those finger dial contraptions, that doesn’t have touchtone technology, and a whole plethora of other stuff. The pre-war push bikes are always a talking point. We go to retro weekend events like the Twinwood Festival. Google it if you haven’t heard of it.

Jessica on the Quay 4


Owning a vintage classic is something new to us, and as such, we have started going to one or two classic shows. At first I thought that it was the car that was turning heads, but later realised that no-one gets dressed up in a vintage double breasted suit, completing the outfit with two tone shoes and fedora hat. Fancy upstaging a classic MG, who would have thought?   Within a day or two of ownership my wife started calling the car: “Jessica.” Why Jessica? I asked her. “Because,” she replied, “like her famous namesake, she’s a redhead, with a great body!”   Amongst many other events, commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we were invited to take Jessica along to Poole Quay for 1940’s event. Our 1952 car was given licence to attend because it had been designed in 1937. Or maybe, having many military vehicles, they were short of one or two war time civilian cars. Whilst there, we bumped into an old photographer friend who had previously photographed my wife’s retirement party. He commented on our car, and then asked if he could drape a model or two over it. The girls were there to promote a 1940’s fashion parade. Of course he could, enclosed are some of the car and some with the girls. I hope you enjoy them
Jessica on the Quay 3



GoodwoodYB200908gOwners and Location
Suzie and Peter Arnell, Shropshire, England.


Date of First Registration
27th November 1952


YB 0858 UML237




History of Car.


Built 5.11.52


We bought “Yvette” in May 1995 from a village garage in Kent. The garage had done the body work and a re-spray but the engine was smoking very badly (gummed up piston rings) – she had not been on the road for a number of years. The deal was that we could buy her ‘as seen’ or, for an extra £250, the garage would fit new piston rings and do anything else necessary to get a new M.O.T. The latter was the offer we couldn’t refuse and we ended up with two new tyres, overhauled brakes, windscreen wipers and radiator. An added bonus was that, when we went to collect her, the proprietor said he was taking £100 off the purchase price because although working, the clutch was on the limit of its adjustment.


At purchase, a mileage of 37,000 was showing this being the distance covered since the original owner had the car rebuilt as necessary at the Abingdon factory in 1961 at a cost of a tad under £500.


The original owner whose daughter we have met was very friendly with the Managing Director of University Motors Ltd, hence the registration number (which was transferred from a YA that he had owned).


Since we bought her, Yvette has generally proved to be very reliable and the only real expense, apart from normal maintenance and repairs, has been an Edney unleaded conversion following a burnt exhaust valve (we think caused by using the ‘wrong’ additive). Although not cheap a noticeable increase in performance and improved petrol consumption was achieved.



CallaghanYB3bOwner and Location.

Chris Callaghan, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England.


Date of First Registration.

15th January 1953.


History of car.


I am the third owner of this car. The previous owner was a Mr Davis and the first owner is currently unknown. This is my third Y-B. I have returned back to the fold after getting involved in MMM cars.



A standard Y-Type.


More photos taken during Samantha’s wedding.



Details and pictures kindly sent to us by Chris Callaghan via his son Nick.






Owner :

.Mick Breare


Date of First Registration :

3rd March, 1953.


Chassis No. : YB1048


Registration : JDM 622


History of the Car.

June 2018: Here is Olive. A matching numbers car with its original registration, buff log book, full ownership history from new and two folders of receipts going back many years. Present mileage shown is 105,000 miles which, based on old MOTs from1987 (79167 miles) and condition of the interior may well be correct. Originally supplied by Braid Brothers Garage in Colwyn Bay to a Mr David J Clegg of Prestatyn in March 1953 who kept Olive for only 7 months before selling it. During its early years it found a new owner every two to three years so I assume that there were a few folk with sufficient disposable income around at that time. I purchased her from James Lunn in April 2018 who had owned her for 17 years. He felt that she was not getting sufficient use so he decided to sell her and as such, answered my wanted add in the MGCC Y Register website.


She is black with original beige interior and in very original condition overall. Comprehensive engine rebuild (including a new later .012 cam and followers) by Halls Garage, Lincolnshire in 1997 at 88,000 miles and still has very good compression (115 lbs on all cylinders cold). Interestingly the owner made a note of the running oil pressure after the rebuild which was 65psi cold, 50psi when up to temperature with 15psi at tick-over – exactly what it is today after 17,000 miles! Also what seems to have been a fairly extensive body restoration in 1994 (doors) and the rest including sills in 1996. The chassis and sills are very solid as are the water drain tubes (Hooray). She is also fitted with a stainless steel exhaust system and petrol tank.
She ran with good oil pressure during my 70 mile problem free drive home and apart from not having flashing indicators (only semaphores with flashing bulbs) which made me feel very unsafe on the A1, M1 and M25, was nice and positive to drive! Everything seems to work except the clock and even though she has been regularly serviced, because she has only completed a very low annual mileage for several years I am treating Olive as if she needed re-commissioning and are systematically checking/repairing/replacing or just cleaning all the mechanical and electrical components to ensure as far as possible, reliability and safety. Overall a very honest and original car that just needs to be driven and fiddled with regularly.


The first thing I did was to fit flashing indicators with the front ones being incorporated into the sidelights and at the rear separate bullet shaped ones that (in my opinion) match the front side lights. Next will be a lead free cylinder head conversion, a carburettor rebuild, exhaust wrap to reduce overall under bonnet temperature, an insulating block for the inlet manifold and an effective heat shield (she came with a pretty stainless steel one adapted especially for the car by Brown and Gammons but sadly it is not very effective as it is too small for the job in hand and has a large slot in it to allow access to the manifold studs and the ingress of heat to the float bowl!).
















YB1168bOwner :

Norbert Lange, Ostenfeld, Germany.


Date of First Registration :

24th April 1953.


Chassis No. : YB 1168


Registration : NF BN 53H


History of Car.

6 owners in UK until 1976. In 1982 sold to Switzerland, used there in one family until 2009. I bought the car on an auction in Seefeld/Austria on 5th Sept. 2009. The car was advertised in German ‘Motor Klassik’ magazine issue 8/2009 where it came to my notice.


Modifications & Interesting features.

Side lamps and brake lights converted for use as flashing indicators, but the original trafficators still working.


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yb1170Owner and Location
MG Car Club, Oxfordshire, England, UK


Date of First Registration
27th February 1953





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ChickcodedbzOwner :
Alan Chick, South Glamorgan, Wales


Date of First Registration :
2nd May, 1953


Chassis No. :


Registration :
HKG 16


Alan has owned his YB since 1959 and attended many Y Register meetings including an abortive and unfortunate trip to the Ardennes in 2007.


Alan’s YB developed an ignition fault just prior to boarding the Ferry at Dover, the others having to wave goodbye and the car having to be transported back to South Wales.


ChickYB1274bzChickGordonBennett07czAt the 2010 Spring Run Alan who was accompanied by Mary was awarded the `Piston Broke’ Award. This should have gone to Jerry and Jo’s YT but the organisers changed the rules on the spot and awarded it to Alan (and Mary) for their regular attendance over the years. Alan has owned his YB for 52 years – something of a record and hence the award.


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Owner and Location :

Eric Platt, Cheshire, U.K.




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YB1470cOwner and Location :

David Hilliam, West Yorkshire, U.K.


Date of First Registration :

7th July 1953.



This photograph of his elegant YB has been kindly sent to us by David Hilliam.





yb1499bOwner and Location

Ian Hopkins, Sussex, England, UK


Date of First Registration

30th July 1953



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YB 1540



Owner and Location

Peter Vielvoye  Gloucester


Date of First Registration

20th August 1953


History of the Car

I first owned this car back in 1966 and have known of its whereabouts since 2001. I was able to buy the car back in 2013. The bodywork and mechanics have been restored in recent years but the interior is original as I knew it, but a little worse for wear and will need some work. The early photo from 1967 show us setting off on our honeymoon.




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